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Hathor - house of (T)horus
Djetankh - house of Enki
Hazeus - house of Zeus - Jesus
Woden - house of Odin
Shekinah - house of Yah


  1. One night my wife asked me what SHEKINAH meant. So I ran and got 2 bible dictionaries and a Catholic encyclopedia. They said SHEKINAH meant "house of YAH", "glory of God", and "a visible manifestation of the divine presence". Being a curious kind of person, the word intrigued me. So I started picking it apart. I found it to be a key. A key that unlocked a whole string of puzzles.

  2. "Shekinah" according to Strong's Bible Dictionary is "shek" - dwelling + "inah" - YAH (the Lord). From my studies, I know "aneah" = "ankh". And "tet/djed" - supporting structure. So - "shek-inah"="tet-ankh" - Tut-Ankh-(Amen). "Tut-ankh-amen" = 'Living Image' of Amen. "Visible manifestation of the divine presence" and "Living Image" are the same thing, confirming my analysis of SHEKINAH is correct. "Tet-Ankh" would also be "house of Enki", which is the same as "house of YAH".

  3. HATHOR is the Greek version of HET-HERT (the house above). Just looking at the word HATHOR - you get - "house of Thor". HATHOR is known to mean "house of Horus". You can see the connection - (T)hor-us. The "house of Odin" - WODEN - "Wo(o)den".

  4. It is said, Odin is the Great Sacrifice of our world system, hung or mounted on the Tree of Life throughout its duration.

  5. You should see where this is leading. The tree is the connection between earth and sky. The ladder to Heaven. The Eternal God - whatever name people have given Him, is either inside the tree, or hung/crucified on it. All this seems to lead to a thing in Egypt called the "Djed Pillar". It is the "house of Osirus" - and of course there is a whole huge story associated with that.

  6. A curious thing I just noticed - "Heavenly Father"=Jupiter=Zeus Pater=Dyeus Pater. The father is the support for the household. Perhaps "Dyeus Pater" is from "Djed Pillar"?

  7. I feel the "Djed Pillar"s deriviatives are: the Ankh, the Cross, the Carduceus, the world tree, the tree of life, and the rune YOLE. EL and ALLAH also mean the "strength of a tree".

  8. So I asked: what would be the "house of Zeus"- HOUSE+ZEUS=HOUZEUS-->Hazeus-->JESUS. Jesus is the SHEKINAH - the image and dwelling place of God. So it makes sense.

  9. It has been suggested elsewhere that the word "YAH" is derived from the word "DJED". When you look up "Jedi" in the Bible dictionary you get "beloved" - which is "Shiva" in Sanskrit. The Indo-European root for SHIVA is KEI. Which is the same root given for HOUSEhold. Astounding!

  10. If we consider "Djed" to be essentially within the presence of God, it can be seen as the HAND of God. You can see "Djed" is like the Hebrew "YOD". YOD+ZEUS=Jesus. If you prefer to use "Yoshua" when you pray to our Savior - YOD+SHIVA=Yoshua. Compare to JOSIAH - fire of YAH, healed (hand) of YAH, support (pillar) of YAH. Jesus definitely knew Himself to be the Hand of God:
    [Luke 11:20] But if it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.
    [Mark 1:15] and saying, "The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent, and believe in the gospel."

  11. When Jesus said: the Kingdom of God is at hand - He meant: right here - right now.

  12. When you stretch out your arm and spread your fingers wide, it looks like a tree. The stretched out fingers the limbs of the tree. It also looks like you are holding up the sky. Holding your hands up like this is the common position for praising the Lord. My little daughter pointed this out to me.

  13. Before you click out of this page with the thought: "this guy is totally nuts, he has no idea what he is talking about." Look at:
    [Mat 5:48] You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  14. "Heavenly Father" in Greek reads: "Uranus Pater" - the grandfather in Greek mythology of Zeus. In the Greek New Testament - over 240 times, Heavenly Father is URANUS PATER (Varuna - Sanskrit). Many sources say He is the highest and most ancient of all the gods.

  15. Writing of Varuna(Uranus), Muir says:
    "The grandest cosmical functions are ascribed to Varuna. Possessed of illimitable knowledge . . . he upholds heaven and earth, he dwells in all worlds as sovereign ruler. . . . He made the golden . . . sun to shine in the firmament. The wind which resounds through the atmosphere is his breath. . . . Through the operation of his laws the moon walks in brightness, and the stars . . . mysteriously vanish in daylight. He knows the flight of birds in the sky, the paths of ships on the ocean, the course of the far-travelling wind, and beholds all the things that have been or shall be done. . . . He witnesses men's truth and falsehood" (TG 360).

  16. So, indeed, "Uranus" has the identical attributes Christians identify with Almighty God - Our Heavenly Father.

  17. Knowing "Peter" in Hebrew means "rock" - pillar - and "Uranus" to be "light ring" - "Uranus Pater" would be "light ring pillar" - an ANKH. The ANKH is definitely identified with the Djed Pillar. If you look at the ANKH, you see a cross connecting earth to sky. The cross is Jacob's Ladder - Jesus.

  18. I think we have come to a place where we can no longer think of this as coincidental. The words paint such a perfect picture. And in my minds eye I see a glowing Ankh - with the stars shining within. God is here. God is here.

  19. The thing that makes me wonder, is that the name "Uranus" is supposed to be more ancient than any of the other names. It only makes sense that the Pillar was added later. But still thousands of years before Christ.

  20. In ancient Egyptian religion, the Djed Pillar was associated with the raising of the Djed - the resurrection of a divine being. This event was supposed to usher in a new age. This is obviously prophetic of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

  21. I was thinking about the Eastern Religious Holy word for God - OM. I started playing with the words in my head and came up with the word "SHAKINOM". I did numerous word searches in many different places and lo and behold I found the word SHAQAM in a Hebrew dictionary. It means Sycamore Tree. Another tree. The Sycamore Tree is just about the holiest thing in Egyptian religion - essentially representing Heaven. Another word in Hebrew for the Sycamore Tree is SUKOMORAIA. Notice at the end of the word is RA YAH. Again going with the idea of the Almighty being the strength of a tree. The thing is - indeed He is.

    [Job 34:14] If it were his intention and he withdrew his spirit and breath, 15 all mankind would perish together and man would return to the dust.

  22. All of this fits together in such a marvelous way. It makes me wonder.

  23. Jesus shows us self-sacrifice in obedience to God is the Way to Heaven - the Way of the Cross.

  24. A father has to go out into the world, work, and sacrifice himself to support the household - the family. It can be seen, this is indeed the foundation of civilization ("civil" is also derived from KEI/Shiva). Too true - I am a father - I know this from first hand experience. Studies have shown fathers abandoning thier homes to be one of the main reasons for the break-down in our society.

  25. All of this testifies to a common origin to the what scientists call Indo-European peoples. And all the religious wars really brother fighting against brother. The Lord is the unifying one who tells all peoples - love one another. The smoke of centuries is clearing, what may be revealed - may shock us all.

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