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  1. YHVH. The name of God is prophetic of Christ and tells the whole story, all by itself. "Y" is "yod" (God). The smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet. It is the name of God - Yah. "HVH" is Eve. Eve represents the entire human race and creation as a whole. The Spirit of God was with Adam and Eve before the original sin. The separation between God and man is seen in the name by the removal of the "Y" from the name - so creation without God is represented simply as Eve. Y <---> HVH. Adam and Eve were like Jesus before the original sin.

  2. Y = Yah = Yes = Good = Righteousness = Law. Because the Goodness of God was separated from man by the original sin, He had to reinsert it into reality in the form of a written code. The problem with this is it never became a part of mankind in this fashion, but remained simply an exterior set of rules to follow.

    Mankind did not internalize the law, consequently they went from bad to worse. From one evil to the next. God sent prophets and wise men to the people to encourage them to follow His word. They rejected the prophets. Finally God sent His Son.

  3. From the Kabbalah:
    Another rich set of symbols associated with Tiphereth (beauty/Christ) comes from the divine name of four letters YHVH, usually written as Jehovah or Yahweh. The letter YOD (open hand of power) is associated with the supernal father Chokhmah (wisdom), and the letter HE (window) is associated with the supernal mother Binah (understanding). The letter VOV (nail) is associated with the son of the mother and father, and is both the Microprosopus and the sephira Tiphereth. The final HE is associated with the daughter (and bride of the son), the sephira Malkuth (kingdom). Tiphereth is thus the "child" of Chokhmah and Binah, and also "the SON OF GOD". In Hebrew the letter VOV can represent the number 6, and in Kabbalah this refers to Chesed (mercy), Gevurah (strength), Tiphereth (beauty), Netzach (firmness), Hod (glory) and Yesod (foundation), the six sephiroth which correspond to states of human consciousness and hence also to the Microprosopus. With a typical Kabbalistic flexibility they can also stand for the six days of Creation.

  4. YHVH is pronounced Yahveh and Yihvah. In Sanskrit/Avesta - Jivah/Yava/Java = "female tongue, fire, and life" (Viva in Latin). In Sanskrit - Ge = "live". Those who worship Ge/Gaia say it means "earth". I believe the intention of the name is - Earth as in ALL THAT EXISTS - Existent - the TRUTH, fact, reality. In Hebrew - Yah = "existent" (Yah same as Yes). "Ge" is approximately the same as "Ju". "Ge" is the short form of Gaia - Mother Earth/Mother Nature. Wisdom in scripture is consistently referred to as female. A child lives a happy healthy life if he listens and obeys mom, as read in Proverbs. In Sanskrit - Ju = "union" - implying equality, justice, the law, love, peace, and freedom.

  5. Mary became the new Eve. The Mother of all who shall call themselves Sons and Daughters of God Most High. Mary is the Mother of a new race of God-men called "Christians". The unification of the Holy Spirit with Mary resulted in Jesus. Y (God) + HVH (new Eve/Mary) = Jesus (God-man). Notice mankind needs the "+" cross shaped plus sign to be reunited with God.

  6. Jesus is God recreating man in his pre-sin state. Jesus makes the perfect bridge between God and man. He is "Jacob's Ladder" - THE LOGOS. Peace and friendship is re-established with God through Christ - and Him only.

    The Crucifixion: Godís parody about the Jews

  7. God the law took the payment for the law and hammered it to the cross. Every sin we commit makes a withdrawal on the bank of Heaven. God spelled out in the law the cost of each sin and the payment required. God gave Himself to pay the debt we built up. Jesus life for my life.

  8. The cross represents total commitment to the word of God. The cross represents intimate union of God with His creation. Pure intimacy.

  9. I apologize if this comes across as offensive to some, but I must follow this train of thought in order to reach a right conclusion.

    In order to save the Jews, the Lord had to become what they had become: a prostitute.

    God was deeply insulted by the Jews blatant prostitution with all the foreign gods of the surrounding nations. So, for Jesus crucifixion experience to be viewed as a violent sex act would be the Lord prostituting Himself to save His harlot wives: Israel and Judah.

    The price for Christ's "services" is 30 pieces of silver - the going rate for a slave in those days. Judas sells Jesus to the Pharisees to use and abuse for their own "pleasure". He is then betrayed with the kiss of the "pimp" Judas. Christ's trial and torture become a kind of foreplay. Jesus is abused and killed to "satisfy" (pay) the "pleasures" (sins) of the Pharisees (His people). God proves how "impotent" the Pharisees really are, who when unable to perform the act, actually turn to the repulsive - unclean Romans to kill Jesus. Jesus "passion" on the cross is a kind of coitus. Concluded by His orgasmic death in which He pours out His Spirit.

    The sexual connotations of this cannot be avoided. The "Y" and the cross can be seen as symbolic of God's penis penetrating the womb of creation (Eve) as the cross is slammed violently into the earth.

  10. Jesus as a innocent and helpless fetus is placed into the womb of the earth to incubate for three days. He is "born again" on the third day, a new creation. No longer restrained by the earth, He is now fully God. YHVH and Jesus are one. Jesus is deep pure union with God. Jesus is love. Emmanuel.

    This is why sex is so attractive. It is the fleshly mirror of intimacy and love built into God's name - Yihvah. Sex is only right in the context of heterosexual marriage. Because it mirrors God the creator - its purpose is to create life. This also makes sex a very holy thing.

  11. To believe in Christ is to be committed to Him in the Spirit of marriage.

Praise Lord God!