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Egyptian Obelisk, Djed Pillar

A rocket ship. Complete with symbols on the sides, cone/pyramid shaped command capsule on top.


Vehicle/ship to the stars/heaven. Command capsule.


High power microwave transmitter/receivers pointed at the star systems the builders wanted to communicate with.

Testimony of Scripture

Heaven = SKY

[Hebrews 11] 13All these people were still living by faith when they died. They did not receive the things promised; they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance. And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth.

[John 8] 23But he continued, "You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.

Osirus - ASAR

From the most ancient Egyptian writings, Osirus has always been there. He is so prominent in some Egyptian religious texts, Osirus is simply referred to as "god".

In the valley of Abydos in Egypt is the tomb of Osirus. According to legend, Abydos was where Osirus landed with his family. The ship he flew in on was called Pegesus (flying horse). He was reported to be the first Pharaoh. He re-established civilization after the worldwide/solar system-wide cataclysm of the Flood.

"...he [Osiris] traveled over the whole Earth civilizing it, without the slightest need of arms, but most of the peoples he won over to his way by the charm of his persuasive discourse. "

Isis and Osiris in Moralia V
Loeb Classical Library #306
by Plutarch

According to ancient Egyptian religious texts, when a person was judged good, they went to Heaven. All the evidence as to the position of the region of Aaru (Heaven) shows that originally it was thought to be in the sky. Heaven was a boat in the sky. The angels were purported to be 12 cubits high.

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The star Sirius is at the heart of Egyptian religion. I have researched all over the Internet about this. Apparently the pre-flood culture had reached as far as the stars Sirius and Orion - and maybe farther. Alien beings (who were the origin of the legends about mermaids) who were half fish from Sirius helped mankind with our civilization. These fish-men helped re-establish civilization after the Flood. There are statues, legends, etc.. from across Africa, Asia, China about these fish-men who brought civilization to mankind. Here is a good page summarizing this: "".


The Egyptian web sites uniformly state they do not really know what DJED is.

  1. Osiris was killed. Many places say he was then dismembered.
  2. Isis retrieved his corpse and placed it inside of a container.
  3. The container ends up inside of a tree - or something that looks like a tree.

If anything Egyptian looks like a high technology device, the DJED PILLAR does. It is a tapering column about the height of a man with 4 thin evenly spaced plates near the top.

TET is a Hebrew letter. It means hidden good. It represents a pregnant woman. The hidden good is the infant within her womb.

Obviously the Hebrew letter TET is the same as the DJED PILLAR. The reason being, after Osiris has been placed inside the DJED PILLAR, he is resurrected/born again.

Perhaps because of the brutal extent of his injuries, Osirus had to leave the earth. He was then put in charge of judging the dead.

We know the meaning of the name Tut-ankh-amen is Living Image of Amen. Tet = Djed. Tet-ankh = Living Image.

From another study I learned SHEKINAH = house of God, living image of God, glory of the Lord. TUT-ANKH = SHEKINAH.

In some Egyptian wall paintings, an ANKH is shown plugged into the top of a DJED PILLAR. Osirus face is shown within the circle part of the ANKH.

While Osirus was in his spaceship, he communicated with earth via the DJED ANKH audio-visual communication devices.

The pyramids and obelisks are very large DJED PILLARs. The pharaohs considered the pyramids as a kind of womb/ship by which they would be transported to Heaven and be resurrected/born again - just like Osirus.

Some people do evil things in the name of Osirus. If you study Egyptian religion, you will quickly find out you must be good to get to Heaven. The dead are judged. Based on their lives, evil will be punished, good rewarded. So those who honor Osirus better live pure and holy lives, otherwise they are total fools and are in for a very rude awakening - hell.


Astronauts. Pharaohs entombed with provisions to maintain life once he reaches heaven. Pharaohs sealed in golden container. Prepared with chemicals and wrapped.


Suspended Animation. To cross the vast distances of space, a person would have to be put into suspended animation. All of the processes of his body would have to be slowed down to a point of near death. The journey could take thousands of years.

Water Of Eternal Life

One method of doing this, would be to immerse the person in a clear water like fluid. The fluid would keep the body from aging or breaking down in any way. A kind of amniotic fluid - like the fluid that surrounds a baby within its mothers womb. Like a drowned person, he would be resuscitated when he reached his destination. He would be resurrected, brought back to life, born again. The provisions stored with him are all the food and equipment he would need to survive on the new planet. He would rise from the dead - rise from the Djed.

The Egyptians Knew, But They Did Not Know How

The Egyptians imperfectly replicated the rocket, command capsule, suspended animation chamber, preparation of the body, and the storage of provisions for the journey. Native peoples must have witnessed the landing, re-animation of alien beings, and the careful way in which their provisions were stored. This knowledge was passed down to ancient peoples. When the people of Egypt gained a certain level of prosperity, the rulers attempted to replicate this ancient knowledge. The description passed down must have included a statement like: " was hard like stone".

Ankh - The Mirror

A audio/video communication device.

An ange(l) is a messenger, communicator of God. The word ANGEL is ENKI with an L attached. ENKI and ANKH are essentially the same word. The ANKH looks like a microphone. Putting that together with ANGE(L) you can understand the ANKH was actually an audio-visual communication device. The ANGE(L) communicated the WORD of the Lord. ENKI means "Lord of the Earth". The ANKH may have had several functions: as the Tao/Way (possibly a GPS navigation device), a mirror (two-way visual receiver/transmitter), the word of the Lord (audio transmitter/receiver, cell phone), and protection (a weapon of some kind).

Osirus In The Tree, Djed Pillar, Pyramids

Astronaut inside of the rocket or command capsule.

If the Djed Pillar was a power supply, the original purpose of the Great Pyramid may have been as a world wide/inter-planetary power communication antenna. The laser straight passageways - wave guides to a giant antenna. That would explain the Great pyramids complex and exact geometries.

Realizing the Great Pyramid and perhaps the lesser pyramids as high power microwave transmitter/receivers helps to explain their architecture. To protect the general population from microwave radiation, the pyramids are built of solid rock. The laser straight wave guides/passageways are pointed perfectly to the stars they wanted to communicate with. Microwaves travel in a straight line, furnishing the designers with direct light speed communication to the various star systems the passageways are pointed at.

Flying Rocks

But, sandstone and granite a space ship do not make. So the Pharaohs lay in their "ships to heaven" dead.

They appear to be human/alien hybrids...

<--- Notice the child's head. All of this seems to be just the tip-of-the-iceburg. I started looking for the origin of the name of God. Instead of it leading to humble human beginnings, it has lead to this really strange stuff.

Scientists explain these cone-heads as the result of disease or incest. But these pictures show consistent differences. More like these people were of an entirely different human like species. Along with that, their heads are nearly double the size of a normal human. If you believe in evolution (I do not), they appear to be several million years in the evolutionary time-line beyond us.

When experts excavated in Peru, they were astounded because the country appears to be a vast graveyard filled with the bones of cone heads - thousands of them.

The local people sell them as souvenirs.

<--- These skulls are from Peru. So obviously these beings dominated the entire earth. You may think these skulls are rare, but they can be found all over the area of the Nasca lines in Peru.

[Genesis 6] 1 When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, 2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose. 3 Then the LORD said, "My Spirit will not contend with man forever, for he is mortal; his days will be a hundred and twenty years." 4 The Nephilim were on the earth in those days-and also afterward-when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

The Pharoahs were Nephilim.

A good article I found on this at "":
The Dolichocephaloids

This is King Tut and (what they say) his father Akhenaten. The "experts" say their skulls are this way from disease. Wonder how it spread to South America? Kind begets kind. Records say, Akhenaten was called "God". Him and Nefertiti demanded worship.

The History of the World (maybe)

One of the characteristics of human civilization is the rise and fall of civilizations. History plays out like this:

1.people struggle in primitive conditions
2.By the force of arms, a community organizes usually under one man
3.this is repeated many times
4.these communities get larger and become kingdoms
5.the most successful have laws – the better the people follow the laws the more likely they succeed
6.if the laws are based on REALITY/TRUTH/FACT – this is God – they succeed. Otherwise, just like a house built on shifting sand, when natural disaster or war come, it will fall.
7.The kingdom gets it right and shines for a number of years
8.the people become fat, lazy, and start making laws based on fantasy.
9.A barbarian people march in and destroy the kingdom, or a natural disaster wipes them out.

10.A few people are left – back to number 1.

On a solar system wide scale, this is what has happened in the past.

It is our turn. We have not fallen yet – but history shows, it is just a matter of time.

There is evidence that mankind has existed on the Earth since shortly after its formation. Read “Forbidden Archeology” by Cremo and Thompson and the web site “Enterprise Mission”.

The question is: “why did the Being in Eden want to keep Adam and Eve penned up for eternity?” Paradise may have been large, but it still was essentially a cage.

The answer is: because Adam and Eve were mankind RE-CREATED.

As I focused on Genesis, trying to understand, the Being has inspired me to write these things - and I don't know why.

I believe the evidence shows human civilization has risen and collapsed many times before our age.

Evidence of ancient earth civilizations:

Where their civilization left off - in a catastrophic natural disaster and world(?) war, ours began. The first colonies in Sumeria and Egypt; people that just showed up with laws, science, philosophy fully mature. They were probably established by people who survived the earlier wars.

From the evidence left behind of the previous age of man:
1. the leadership of that age had been genetically modified people - enlarged brains/coneheads (EB).
2. the EBs enabled them to have advanced technology, much longer life spans, space travel

Osirus, Shiva, Rama, Krishna are all depicted in images as being BLUE Coneheads. Akhenaten, Tutahnkamen, and Nefertiti were all coneheads.

Blue skin is a condition caused by too high exposure to silver.

Evidence leaked by people in the media who know:

It has been hinted that the common population is being given the truth about our history and origins through TV, movies, and books. So when we are told the truth - we won't all go crazy.

Some Examples:

But, even though they had great intellect and power, they all destroyed each other. Except for a few who established Sumeria and Egypt.

Even geniuses make mistakes; the mistakes are just bigger.

The “Enterprise Mission” web site reports of entire ruined cities on Mars, the Moon, Saturn’s’ moon Iapetus, and several others. There is so much evidence, many many images of ruins spread all over the solar system.

What does this all mean?

Mankind may have advanced to space travel many times before us in the distant past. The evidence shows – it didn’t last. War on such a vast scale, with super powerful weapons of mass destruction.

What the Being in the garden did: He brought mankind back from nearly total extinction. With His fellow beings, they must have observed the ruins. Must have had an inkling. The being they were resurrecting – from the dust of the Earth (DNA from old bones) – was capable of very great good and very great evil. Very truly playing with fire. Flirting with Danger.

In “The Mote in God's Eye” by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle a planet is discovered with a civilized race of aliens. It is found this race had risen to a certain point of advancement, which then destroy themselves back to cavemen many times. Their planet is consequently quarantined.

Sounds like Earth. Sounds like man.

This makes you understand that the Being in the garden didn’t really know WHO He was bringing back to life. We may have been just a fun science experiment. No harm, just building some playthings to run around in the garden. In reality: we are the Frankenstein monster.

Ahh, the great good we can do. EEEEK! The great evil we can do!

Hitler, driving around space with space ships full of planet busting hydrogen bombs. It takes very little imagination to see this.

Truly, Jesus is mankind’s only hope. Without Him – we are doomed. Mankind needs to be saved.

God bless God Most High, King and Creator of the Universe! Amen!