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From the Zodiac:

From several sources, it has been said the entire plan of God has been written in the stars - specifically the ZODIAC. Some say the ZODIAC was given to Adam or Enoch to remember the Gospel. These things are prophetically speaking about Jesus Christ.


Akkadian: Nun ki/ Enki = The Prince of the Earth

Hebrew: "nun" - fish; kingdom; heir to the throne; eternal; Messiah. The "nun" is the fourteenth letter of the alef-beit, which equals "David," the progenitor of the eternal Kingdom of Israel. The heir to David is Mashiach ben David, of whom is said: "As long as the duration of the sun his name shall rule".

ENKI/Nun Chay in Hebrew would be Eternal King of Life or Waters/Well of Life. In Greek that would be EaZoo or AeiZoo --> Jesu. Enzu.


CAPRICORN, the Goat Hebrew = Gedi, the Kid; ENZU


Praise Lord God!

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