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The Meaning Of YAKA-WOW

The Internet defines YAKA-WOW as:

It describes the mental abilities of computer nerds

This is a devil inspired, twisted version of the real church. Because it promotes "breezy people into a world with no consequences".

Well, there are consequences for all of our actions. We do not live in a vacuum. If you push against something or someone - one of you will be moved, burned, hurt, or killed.

The Meaning

"YA": Short version of the Name of The Lord - "YAHVEH".

"KA": Spirit.

"WOW": From OUI via dialectal variants; also possibly from oyez Before becoming an informal synonym of oui, the word was exclamatory. According to Auguste Scheler, it could be linked to Indo-European roots: vae in Latin, uau in Portuguese, wow in English, wau in German, guau in Spanish or vai in Romanian.




"YAKA-WOW" has God written in every syllable! And they act like they don't even know. It is a bit mysterious.

Will the King and Creator of the Universe be amused? I don't think so.

[Matthew 15:8] These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.

Most every exclamation, about something good, bad, or incredible are a short prayer or curse to God.

"gee wiz" - slang version of the name JESUS
"Gadzooks" - God's hooks (the nails on Jesus' cross)
"Oh Yi Veh!" - OH YAHVEH!, name of the Lord.

Even sneezing sounds like the Lord's name: ACHOO! ~ YAHOO ~ JEHU. JEHU - "The Lord is He".

You hear atheists say: "Jesus Christ!" When something bad happens. In life or death situations, your perspective can change very quickly!