World Government vs REALITY

The people who are really in charge of this country and this world have bought the "GLOBAL WARMING" lock stock and barrel (when in reality earth's climate is governed by fluctuations in the sun). GLOBAL WARMING/CLIMATE CHANGE are a hoax being used to force the world to conform to enviromentalist ideology. As a result they are sabotaging the country and the world economy to slow down the effects of humanity on the climate. The SUN goes through regular warming and cooling cycles - sun spots have an 11 year cycle.

The main problem with this strategy of theirs is - bad economic conditions cause wars, and wars do not care about air, water, and food pollution. Wars result in barbarity. Barbarity is brutal men dragging women around by their hair - bye bye feminism, bye bye environmentalism.

It's like the 'isms (communism, feminism, environmentalism, etc..) they depend on prosperity to implement their doctrines (they take prosperity for granted) - but prosperity comes from faith and obedience to God. Prosperity comes from good people working hard taking care of their homes and their families. A civilization which promotes aberrant sexualality is a lawless civilization which will break down because you can't build a building on mud. A person who willfully breaks one law will be willing to break the rest.

God is. Ignoring Him will not make Him go away. Because we exist within Him. He is our life. The book of Job says if He left we all would collapse into piles of dust.

Essentially, God is REALITY. The European Union is failing because that government is ignoring reality. They think they have out grown God. You cannot out grow REALITY because every day it is right there staring you in the face. It is truly foolish to ignore God.

Faith in God grounds you solidly in the truth so you do not start going off in fantasys of your own mind. Dreams seldom are real no matter how much you believe in them.

The world says to “follow your dreams”. The failure of this idea is the assumption that all dreams are GOOD. But we know from personal experience that many dreams are EVIL. Dreams can be filled with awful things like: monsters, nuclear war, horror, incineration, incarceration, etc..

A rapist may dream of brutalizing his next victim. A person who likes fires may dream of torching a city full of little children. A megalomaniac may dream of taking over the world, gathering his adversaries in death camps, and forcing the world to obey his will. The greedy would dream of wealth regardless of the cost of human suffering.

Like the ism's assume prosperity, dreamers assume everybody will have good dreams.

Telling people to follow their dreams/fantasies/imaginary worlds instead of the way of the Lord could be absolute disaster – the end.

Our country is not in good hands. I really want a good NEW president.