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------ alternate spellings: Wallauer, Wallower, etc..

Johan Marx Wallauer 1700(?) Obermoschel or Frankfort, Germany
------ married: Charlotte
-------------- children: Johan Leonard(t) Wallauer
Branch from Bad Kreuznach
(contributed by Georg F. Kehl)

Johan Leonard(t) Wallauer, b 17sept1727 in Obermoschel, d 1809 in Dauphin County, PA
Arrived in Philadelphia 26sept1749 on the DRAGON - part of the Palantine migration
------ married on 10jan1758: Elisabeth Stricker
-------------- children: Leonard Wallauer

Leonard Wallauer, b 22july1762(72?) in Dauphin Co., PA, d 22may1822 Fox Cemetery
------ married: Susanna Stucky, 8may1773-5apr1826
-------------- children: John Wallower, Catherine Wallower

Catherine Wallower, 1797-1857
------ married: John Garman, 1762-1849

John Wallower
------ married: 1st wife
-------------- children: 3 sons, 1 daughter
-------------- John, Henry, George, daughter
------ married: 2nd wife, Catherine Gerberich, 1814-20sept1853 - daughter of Daniel & Mary
-------------- children: 3 sons, 2 daughters
-------------- Aaron, Catherine (Williams), Benjamin, daughter (Schwartz) , Cyrus, son

Benjamin F. Wallower of Wilks Barre, PA, 25july1844-27july1889
------ married in 1870: Margaret Esther (Mary?) Harren 12june1851-15dec1888
-------------- children: 3 sons, 1 daughter
-------------- Estella E.13sept1871-12dec1900, Allan B. b 15aug1875, Roland C. 16july1879-1931, Charles W.
Charles William Wallour, 23june1881-1975 (EE Yale, MIT)
------ married in 1917: 1st wife, Frances A. Chapin, 13mar1890-15july1950 Family Picture
-------------- children: 2 sons, 1 daughter
-------------- Chapin, Frances Jane, John Stebbins
------ married in 1968: 2nd wife, Gertrude Ordway, 31oct1910-mar1989
Frances Jane Wallour, 5feb1921-1975
------ married: Ralf Boulon
-------------- children: 1 son, 1 daughter
-------------- Rafe H. (Oceanography USVI), Eve
Chapin Wallour, b 14may1919 (Physics MIT)
------ married: Dorothy

John Stebbins Wallour, b 30sept1924 (Masters in Architecture Harvard)
------ married on 13feb1954: Jeanette Spagnolia b 7jun1924 - Grandma was Columbia, and Grandpa was Carmen
-------------- children: 3 daughters, 1 son
-------------- Janine b 29dec1954, Catherine Chapin b 1apr1956, John Harren, Mary Frances b 17feb1961

John Harren Wallour, b 7sept1958 (Masters in Electronics CPU)
------ married on 15aug1987: Jana Sue Barnett, b 26feb1958 Family Picture
-------------- children: 3 daughters, 1 son
-------------- Kelsey Nicole b 27june1990, Amber Carmen b 25aug1992, Heidi Joan b 20nov1994, Lafe Philip b 14nov1996

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