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The Unbreakable Bulletproof Gospel Of The Almighty

Clandestine government agencies
Unknown forces

  1. Rumors of aliens. Rumors of previous advanced civilizations. Name confusion. Hints and clues.

  2. If you found out the civilization on the earth prior to The Flood was technologically advanced. Survivors of that disaster landed and established civilization again. The Egyptian and Sumerian gods were these survivors. And that all the worlds major religions were based on these people and events.

    Would you loose faith? Would you give up on your religion?

    Only if your faith was misplaced, and you did not have a firm grasp of who God really is.

  3. I believe this is what our government and others in world authority know. I believe this is what they are afraid of. If peoples who do not have a firm grasp of the Ultimate Truth, Almighty Most High, learn the truth about mankind's past, it would create mass hysteria and civilization would unravel.

  4. The Almighty is King and Creator of the Universe - greater and larger than the Universe and greater and larger than this little planet. When people in authority make these decisions, they always seem to be looking down at the ground. If they but looked up at the immense sky, they would know that God is greater than anything on the earth or in this solar system or in this galaxy.

  5. The Holy Spirit is love. The wisdom of Love transcends all peoples, spirits, angels, stars, and things. Therefore, the wisdom of love in scripture transcends all peoples, spirits, angels, stars, and things. Nothing anywhere is greater than the love of God. You only have to look at a successful family to know this is true. When the Sprit of love is not acknowledged and practiced, families, businesses, governments, kingdoms, fail.

  6. Jesus Christ. When a person tells people about the unconditional love of God, that person becomes the mouth and the Word of God - a true son. The gospels of Christ testify to the wisdom of the love of God. Regardless of anything else, the words of Jesus hold truths that stand-alone. They would not and could not become false, because they are elementary universal truths.

    Consider St. Paul. NO ONE denies Paul of Tarsus lived. NO ONE denies St. Paul was imprisoned and beheaded in 67a.d. The concrete history of St. Paul CONFIRMS the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Because St. Paul testifies to meeting St. Peter and the other Apostles. The dates, the persons, the events, the miracles, and St. Paul's many letters all testify to the absolute truth and fact of the Lord Jesus Christ!! SOLID UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE.

  7. So, regardless of what you may hear in the future, Almighty Most High cannot be shaken. Knowing that, your faith in Him will be based on the bedrock of absolute truth.

The Unbreakable Bulletproof Gospel Of The Almighty

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!

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