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Why is the Cross of Christ necessary?

1. In the garden, when Adam and Eve sinned, the fundamental nature of man changed. That is the point where free will was established. The original sin of the garden, broke man's will away from God's will. A will that is free, is separate from the will of God. A free will is not necessarily evil, though without God, there is no control to stop a will from going from bad to worse. Our free/self will has been called our sin nature.

2. When man was in harmony with God, he was essentially an animal. Man lived in non-destructive harmony with the clean and ordered way of nature. Before the fall, man walked with God in the garden - man lived in harmony with nature.

3. Eating the apple of the knowledge of good and evil, man's will broke away from the natural order of the Universe. The original sin changed us from animal to man.

4. The apple was taken from the tree without love - without God.

5. The Way of the Lord is to live in harmony with ones neighbor and the Universe.

6. The law of Moses attempted to get people to live in harmony with nature by a written law of do's and don'ts. Because of man's self will, he would not conform to the Way of the Lord.

7. The cross of Christ brings man to a knowledge that his life is not in harmony with the Way of the Universe. Humbles a man to understand that he is just, after all, an animal. Not god at all.

8. The crucified Christ kills the proud, selfish, god-man. Wisdom and knowledge without compassion is evil. The beast is a man with wisdom and knowledge, but no fear of God. This is the devil and the anti-Christ.

9. Christ is the apple. Our sin took it down from the tree, in order to get back in harmony with God, the sin - in the form of Christ, was put back on the tree. If the sin is not put back on the tree, a man remains in a disharmonious state with God, and will die in his sin.

10. Man without God, attempts to bring man into harmony with nature by the force of his self/free will. The ultimate solution they unerringly come to is to kill man. Through abortion, euthanasia, promoting unnatural life styles, and stalling medical research. All of these things are hateful. They create destruction. Man without God is a cold blooded killer.

11. They do not understand, THE MAN was killed on the cross. The crucified Christ gives the answer/salvation to man's problems - kill the self/free will, and obey God - which is:

[John 15:12] "This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.