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  1. You would think something as purely scientific as a transportation system to other planets would not be spiritual. Yet, in all of these stories, they always somehow involve God.

  2. Sinful behavior is inherently destructive. It hurts people. Sin is Entropic: from order to disorder. Sin is a rat gnawing at the leg of a chair: the chair will stand for a time, and then fall due to the rat gnawing the leg off.

  3. Good behavior SAVES the chair. Good maintains the chair in good working order. As long as the chair is faithfully and religiously maintained, it remains. When that religious faith slows down and stops, the chair begins to rot and eventually will fall.

  4. Good works faithfully and religiously done in the sense of an entire civilization make it prosper. If you were an advanced civilization, this kind of society would be welcome to space. In a very real world practical way, the way of Jesus Christ IS the "stairway to Heaven".

  5. A civilization full of bad people - depending on the amount of evil - would never reach the stars. It would decay from the inside like a rotten apple. The leaders and the people would kill each other off. You do not get healthy, intelligent, sane children by allowing, promoting, and practicing aberrant sexual behaviors. If you kill the children, obviously that civilization will die. Decadence is a sign of the end.

  6. Civilizations are SAVED by the good people in them. In reality, this truth can be scientifically proven. You just have to study history.

  7. In these many stories about Stargates, the Stargate has been FOUND. This would seem to suggest a real Stargate has been found by the inner circle of people who really know the hidden information about outer space, aliens, UFOs, ancient high technology, etc. But, I do not think mankind is worthy of it.

  8. A "temple complex" in Turkey that predates even the pyramids - Göbekli Tepe (the name in Turkish for "potbelly hill"). The temple was built 11,500 years ago—a staggering 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid, and more than 6,000 years before Stonehenge first took shape.

    According to the STARGATE TV show, the ring was dated at approx. 12000 years old.

    The temple consists of: carved and polished circles of stone, with terrazzo flooring and double benches. All the circles feature massive T-shaped pillars that evoke the monoliths of Easter Island.

    The ruins are so early that they predate villages, pottery, domesticated animals, and even agriculture—the first embers of civilization. It is said to have been built after the end of the last Ice Age by hunter-gatherers (highly unlikly because you would need fine metal tools to build the temple, and according to experts all they had were flint knives and spears).

    The ruins are covered in clear depictions of animals. It all was purposely buried for unknown reasons in the distant past. It is a TRUE mystery.

    According to the STARGATE TV show, the stone ring has symbols carved around it for addresses to star locations. When the people of a planet did not want any more STARGATE visitors, they buried the gate.

    Göbekli Tepe was found in 1964 but its true configuration was not first explored until 1994. Perhaps it was the original inspiration for the TV show.

  9. If an advanced civilization stands guard around the Stargates, they probably would not allow humanity to travel them - because at this time, we just aren't good enough. The only way we could use them is if the guardians are no longer there.

  10. At airports they are searching and x-raying people to determine whether they are destructive terrorists attempting to hurt people or blow up an airplane.

  11. An advanced transportation device may have detection electronics built into it to catch and stop anyone with weapons, bombs, or the inclination to use destructive behaviors. So ONLY a GOOD person with a clear conscience would be allowed to use it.

  12. If you are trying to find out how to operate your stargate, the first place you have to look is in your heart.

Praise the Lord!