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Questions About The Bible I Cannot Answer

1. How could God create man, and expect him to be satisfied living forever as a gardener?

2. Would God have created Adam stupid? Would the image of the Almighty be an idiot? Would God have created an average man? Could God have an intelligent, interesting conversation with an average man? Would that work?

3. Why wasn't Adam fully satisfied with the companionship of Elohim?

4. How could God NOT know Adam would not be satisfied with being alone in the garden with God?

5. Why did Elohim kill and skin animals for clothing to give to Adam and Eve? Couldn't He have given them cotton pants and shirts? Why would Almighty God kill and skin animals?

6. Why make mankind and then teach them NOTHING? Why create an intelligent being - and give that being nothing intelligent to do?

7. What reason would there be for stranding two people out in the wilderness; giving them no knowledge or technology to help them to survive?

8. Why would Elohim purposely prohibit us from gaining intelligence and making us PRISONERS in the Garden of Eden? What was Elohim afraid of?

9. Are we clones of Elohim?

10. Why was 'The Lord' surprised when he sees the city and the tower of Bable?

11. How long does it take to build a city? How long does it take to build a skyscraper? A month? A year? Was Rome built in a day?Where was the Lord of Gen. 11 during all this time? How could an omniscient being NOT notice several thousand people building a city?

12. GOD is supposed to be ALL POWERFUL. If the Being in the bush was ALL POWERFUL, why couldn't He have just lifted the people of Israel out of Egypt and plunked them down where He wanted them?

13. Who wouldn't complain having to walk around in a desert for 40 years?

14. Why couldn't the Being have sent a deadly disease among the peoples in Palestine; Instead of having Israel slaughter every living creature in that region?

15. Why couldn't the Being send a flood, fire, or anything to wipe out those peoples He didn't like? What would the heart of a man be like after killing babies and little children? If the Being wanted them dead, why didn't He do it Himself?

16. Why didn't Elohim stop Adam, Eve, and the serpent from violating his comamandment? God is all Knowing and all seeing. How could God miss the serpent and Eve?

17. Why didn't Elohim know what Adam, Eve, and the serpent would do? Why didn't he do anything to prevent them from eating of the tree of Knowledge? If Elohim knew they were going to break his commandment, he could not charge them with sin. If Elohim did not know what they would do, Elohim cannot be God because he is not OMNISCIENT. The existence of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil implies there existed evil, sin, and death BEFORE Adam and Eve ate the apple.

18. God Most High created the Universe. Why couldn't He have put the tree of Knowledge on a different planet so mankind would not even have had a chance to violate the commandment? Elohim did nothing to prevent Adam, Eve, and the serpent from breaking his command.

19. How could Adam and Eve have been guilty of anything since at that point they had NO knowledge of good and evil? They would have had no idea the serpent was deceiving them. They were like little children - totally inocent. They would have had no idea they were doing something wrong.

20. When a parent fails to do what they should to prevent their children from being harmed, that parent is guilty of negligence. Elohim was negligent in preventing Adam and Eve from eating of the tree of Knowledge. That is a sin.

21. Why have a tree of Life if there is no death?