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OUT OF EGYPT by Ahmed Osman - a critical review

A letter to William Theaux in response to the web pages by Zenon Kelper

OUT OF EGYPT by Ahmed Osman

a critical review

The books by Ahmed Osman are aimed at destroying Christianity. For one who does not know history or the Bible, his books can and will do much damage to their faith.

Special Note:
Due to the very precise historical dating of the New Chronology, as presented in - John Fulton, "A New Chronology - Synopsis of David Rohl's book 'A Test of Time'", and the data presented confirming the conquest of Canaan during the Middle Bronze Age/13th dynasty, there is absolutely no way Tutankhamen is Joshua or Jesus Christ. Tutankhamen lived in the 18th dynasty of Egypt. This proves the theory and books of Ahmed Osman and others who share his theories, as totally FALSE.

Here is my response to his theories:

I find after reviewing these theories, they contain some obvious flaws:

  1. Recent evidence

    suggests a dating of around 45ad for the book of Matthew. This would place it well before the destruction of Jerusalem. The book of Mark has internal evidence which suggests a dating of around 50ad. These dates put the writing of the gospels very close to Jesus death.

  2. Many people who were alive

    when the events in the gospel transpired were still present 15 short years after Jesus death on the cross. The Church in Jerusalem could not have grown and prospered if what they were preaching was false. Paul testifies he was one of the ones who persecuted the Church in the beginning. Paul's testimony confirms a very early start for the gospel and the Church - prior to 65ad, when Paul was killed in Rome by Emperor Nero.

  3. Taking the absence of data

    referring to the birth, location of home, and other details about Jesus life absent from Paul's writings as evidence of the false nature of the gospels is a "out of context" interpretation of scripture. In context, it is easily seen Paul's focus was theological and not historical. The gospels lay out a kind of biography of Jesus life and teachings and thus are more historical in nature and focus. Simply reporting Jesus life, not interpreting it, as Paul did.

    Not every word of the gospel Paul preached is recorded in the Bible. What is written is exhortations to Churches Paul established to obey God - essentially.

    If you go to most any Church on a Sunday morning. You will find the minister preaching the same sermon 2 or more times during the morning. Jesus had one core sermon: the sermon on the mount (Mat 5-7). He repeated elements of this sermon at different times and different places to different people all over Israel. This is how the gospels appear to be out-of-sync. This just shows Jesus was a very mobile preacher.

    The book of Luke has been shown to be a VERY historically accurate document.

    And for a detailed explanation of the book of Luke, click here.

    The book of Luke gives the most detailed biography of Jesus life. Because Luke has been shown to be a companion of Paul, his gospel must have been written before 65ad (Paul's death). Because Luke probably loved and cared deeply for his close friend Paul's life, Luke probably endeavored to be absolutely accurate in reporting the life and teachings of Christ. These things argue strongly against your assumption that Jesus life was a second century fabrication.

    The book of Acts and the book of Luke are traditionally known as court documents meticulously prepared for the defense of Paul in his trial in Rome before Nero.

  4. Ethnocentrism

    I have discussed Jesus with people from many different philosophies and religions. Most find some way of making Jesus their own. The Buddhists say He learned all His teachings from them, the Taoists from them, the Zoroastrians from them, etc.., etc.. In Ahmed Osman's work, he makes the effort to transform Jesus into Tutankhamen. This is an obvious conscious or unconscious effort at Egyptizing Christ. The truth is transcendental and overshadows all philosophies and religions. Thus it is fairly easy to pick a verse here and there within the gospels to match any individual philosophy.

    What he does here is read between the lines in the bible.

    Many new age cults, Buddhists, etc.. have taken the years of Jesus life not reported in scripture and "run away with them". I have read at least ten different accounts of those years, none of them seem very probable.

    More than likely, because Jesus was the only son of Mary, after the death of Joseph, Jesus worked in providing for Mary as a carpenter. Sepora, a Roman city less than 7 miles from Nazareth, was a busy city which probably provided much business for Jesus in his work as a carpenter.

    This is not very exciting for most people, but is probably much closer to the truth. Jesus would have had good access to the writings of the temple because of his uncle Zechariah. Also, Mary is said to have been a temple virgin, according to the gospel of James. So she would have had very advanced knowledge in regard to the teachings of God and the history of Israel.

    Scripture does say Jesus went with his parents to Egypt until Herod died. This one visit does not make Jesus an Egyptian. Granted, Jesus was a smart boy and he probably learned all he could during their stay in Egypt. But this brief episode is not enough to make Jesus into Tutankhamen.

  5. The human condition

    boils down to some pretty simple and common elements which make for similar events to occur in more than one place. People are born, they get up, they eat, they work, they make babies, they grow old, and they die. Though the events in ancient Egypt may bear a remarkable similarity to Jewish history and characters, they may be entirely separate people and events. You see Ahmed Osman twisting the historical record here and there to fit his theories. When you look at Tutankhamen next to Jesus in scripture, you find very little similarity between them. In looks, in age, in deeds, and probably most importantly, in philosophy.

    The Pharisees, long prior to Jesus, believed in the resurrection of the dead. For the 70 years prior to 538bc Israel was deported to the region of Persia. That is where the name "Pharisee" comes from - Persian. While in Persia, the rabbis traded ideas about God with the locals. Zoroastrians influenced these people. It has been suggested that this is where the Jewish people came to learn about a resurrection of the dead. Also, the timing of the deportation of Israel is very close to the life of Buddha Siddhartha Gautama. The 8 Noble Truths echo the 10 commandments, suggesting the teachings of Buddha may just be a interpretation of the laws of Moses.

    The name "Jesus" was common among the Jewish people in the first century. The New Testament alone shows 2 people with this name. Jesus himself and Bar-Jesus (Acts 13:6). "Jesus" may also be seen in the form of "Jesse". The name "Joshua", when you study the Hebrew a little, can mean "I am desolation". The book of Joshua reflects this translation of Joshua - rather than "Salvation". The Greek rendering of "Jesus" is "Ieseu" - which is "Jesu". "Jesu" is closer to the Hebrew "Yesha" in Hebrew - which does mean "Salvation".

  6. Amen

    According to Ahmed Osman, the god of Moses was Aton. This is the greatest flaw to the whole theory. Many of Moses' laws end in "Amen Amen" (Num 5:22 for example), reflecting "I AM that I AM" as heard from the burning bush. Nearly every prayer in the bible ends with "AMEN". According to other web pages and Ahmed Osman's books, Amen was the rival god to Aton. If the God of the Hebrews was Aton, why would they end all their prayers with the name of his rival god?? Along with this, "AMEN" is a form of "I AM", the name Moses got from the burning bush. The New Testament clearly says, Jesus is AMEN (1 Cor 1:19-20, Rev 3:14). And according to the gospel, Jesus and the Father are one. How could Aton and Amen be one if they were rivals?

    This makes no sense at all. Why would Moses build an entire city, change the worship of the entire country of Egypt, and even change his name to AKHNATON - then pray all his prayers to AMEN?? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Amen is the King of the gods, righteous God of gods. Aton is the sun-god. The bible goes on and on about NOT WORSHIPPING anything in the sky, stars, planets, the moon, and the SUN. Amen worship is of the invisible Deity. Aton worship is of the SUN, a very visible deity.

    The encyclopedia says Aton worship is a kind of nature worship with NO RULES accept the worship of Aton. Moses is known as the law giver. Rules rules and more rules. There are more than 600 commandments/rules written in the 5 books of Moses.

    These contrasts are too many and too great to believe this theory. The Aton worship described is more like a religion of (S)Aton - not the Lord. The lawless character of (S)Aton worship obviously convicted the hearts of the people of Egypt, who made a great effort to obliterate any memory of Akhnaton or the worship of Aton - who they must have considered very evil to have gone to such extremes to erase all records about them.

    As far as Tutankhamen being Joshua. Why is there no repetition of any sayings which match or echo Jesus of the New Testament? The tomb of Tut is very well preserved, yet, no sign of any "bible" present. It seems rather odd, if they were one and the same person, none of his preaching is recorded in Tut's tomb. Again, too many contrasts.

  7. Bias

    The truths preached by Jesus convicts people to the heart. The more sophisticated and educated the non-believer, the more sophisticated and educated the excuses. Ahmed Osman appears to come from a Moslem upbringing. This would prejudice him from the start against Jesus Christ's teachings. So, rather than deal with his personal imperfections, he has invented a questionable history to marginalize Jesus. Because Jesus is the mirror of truth, forcing people to deal with their own personal imperfections, to see themselves in truth, He either brings out the worst or the best in people. So you find non-believers working very hard for a way - any way except Jesus - to justify their sins. Mr Osman's books are essentially a letter to God justifying his sins.

  8. The testimony of the apostles

    Almost every apostle died a horrible death not denying Jesus Christ or His teachings. If the testimony of Christ was a fabrication, why would anybody die in torture not denying it? Would you? Painful torture tends to bring the truth out of people. Here is the web page on the death of the apostles.

A letter to William Theaux

in response to the web pages by Zenon Kelper

Dear William,

Hermes Thoth. This name translates into - Messenger of truth. This is the same as Apostle. Or an angel. The person who travels to a new place, speaks the words of God - the words of truth - the revelation of the real person, the true self, is Hermes Thoth. In other words - a missionary. The children/offspring of the message continue to procreate this new life. Adam would be the original founder of the Message of Truth/Hermes Thoth.

The massive catastrophe which the Bible calls the flood, which is repeated in several hundred legends and myths throughout the world, interrupted Hermes Thoth. Its knowledge was given into the capable hands of Noah.

Secular science confirms most if not all of the worlds languages originated in the region near Mt. Ararat (many Indo-European web sites on this). Sanskrit for God = Hu/Ju/Ge - which is essentially "be" as in "to be" - to exist - life, the name of God. It is the seed from which all the wisdom of the world has sprung. From Adam's children, Noah's children, Abraham's children, and Joseph - who your web site says is Yuyu (the same pattern of "I am-I am" seen in Eli-jah, Je-sus, The-seus, Amen-Amen), which is the Sanskrit word "Ju" repeated twice - "I will be that I will be". The name "yu-yu" is the same name Moses received from the burning bush.

As a side note - the American Indians know The Great Spirit by the name "ia-ia" - essentially the same as "yu-yu", so the name of God was known BEFORE the peoples passed over the Bering straight land bridge, some say more than 10,000 years ago.

So the knowledge Moses tried to implement in a aggressive way was the same knowledge passed down from his ancestors - not originating with him.

The suppression of the memory that Oedipus is Moses I believe stems from Oedipus's life as recorded by Sophocles. Incest, murder, self mutilation. These things turn people off. Not the resume of an charismatic inspirational missionary.

What the name reveals is the true condition of a persons heart. This is the "true magic" of it. This is why it receives such violent responses from some people. It reveals the naked truth about a person. This truth, if the person's life is a mess, will inevitably result in a violent reaction - or repentance and healing. The holocaust of the Jews was the Nazi way of killing the revelation that the Nazi heart was evil - breaking the mirror. Because the message of Hermes Thoth quite simply - is a MIRROR. and mirrors cannot lie.