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Once Saved Always Saved - I can do nothing to loose my salvation

Once saved always saved (OSAS)...throws God off the throne...according to the can do NOTHING to loose your salvation...nothing?...this means you are a god...a master of your own rules...anything goes...eating babies...slapping the Almighty in the face...anything?????...

Of course this would offend someone trained in the teachings of Luther and Calvin. But when you look at it this way, you can see Protestant theology is basically rebellion against God - against the sovereign authority of the Almighty.

The typical response of a person like that, would be to point out the verses in Scripture which establish his salvation. The problem is, he ignores the warning scriptures which make it clear - that salvation rests in faith expressed in good works and grace is the strength of Love to obey God in good works - not license to do evil. If faith is expressed in evil works - obviously that faith is counterfeit.

God is NOT a fool! Nothing you can do will ever throw God off of His throne. Baptism and faith cannot and will not ever usurp the sovereign power of the Almighty. In other words, if what you do truly offends Him, He can by the authority of His throne cancel your salvation. But, remember, He is merciful, if you ask for forgiveness, you will be forgiven.

If you believe you are beyond the Law, then you have no right to force others to obey it. This shows the Southern Baptist Convention standings against aberrant sexual behavior as nonsense. One of the legs Baptist's stand on is being under grace - not the Law. How can you say: "I am free - saved" - and at the same time attempting to put other people in the chains of the Law - this is hypocrisy.

However, if you accept the warnings of Scripture - that goodness and faith walk hand in hand, or not at all; that faith and good works are two sides to the one true life of a true Christian. That true freedom is: the knowledge of God in doing what is right - because sin enslaves. Then you do have the right to encourage others to love and obey the Lord. Because to abandon goodness, for whatever reason, is to abandon God.

He who practices goodness will receive a reward:
[Mat 10:42] And whoever gives to one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he shall not lose his reward."

Matter of fact...if you do ANYTHING good as a result of faith...if you believe...OSAS/i can do nothing to loose my salvation...if you do anything would be violating - negating what you believe to be true...because if you do anything a result of believing in Jesus...that means faith is NEVER alone and is nothing by needs works to be TRUE...

If as a result of believing in are motivated to participate in the Church - the Body of Christ - do anything is nothing...when it is alone...thus proving the driving conclusion of the reformers is false...because...if faith alone saved would require nothing more of you...than faith...

No Lord's prayer...nothing but faith...

A person who confesses Jesus, must practice Jesus, otherwise the confession is a lie. Faith must be a thing of deeds – not just of the mind – otherwise; it is just a thing of the imagination – a deception, a lie. A person can IMAGINE they are godly but their deeds play out whether God is really the God of their lives, or the illusion of their imagination.

God practiced…is God realized.

OSAS is rebellion against God because:
It usurps the authority of God in saying "there is nothing i can do to loose my salvation".

This sets Jesus up as a rebel...the leader of a revolt...usurping God's authority over the also makes Him into another god.

Limited Predestination does the same thing...because this person has been saved forever - before and after birth...his or her salvation can't be taken no matter how evil and wicked a life...God does not care...predestination has a careless God...proving it does not really believe in the God of Scripture - LOVE...because love that does not care - is no love at all.

According to Scripture...Jesus is the fulfillment of the law...He is the law. According to Paul: the law died on the cross. Only the FLESH part of the law COULD die - because the Spirit of the law can never die. That means: because Jesus rose from the dead - you cannot KILL the law.

The problem was that Israel had become zealous about the external legal commands, and forgot the Spirit of the law - LOVE.

For Paul...the laws of the flesh were put to death on the cross...the letter of the law.

For Paul...the law of the Spirit was revealed in the risen Lord...the risen Lord...he saw as Spirit.

That would mean - in believing in are placing your faith in the law of the Spirit - the SAME legal system - with the FLESH removed - circumcised. Grace is not lawlessness, because true faith is expressed in obedience to the law of the Spirit - LOVE. God did not throw out the law, He removed the fleshly parts of it.

See how the devil has perverted Scripture?

The law could not justify a person while it remained external to the person. External. That is the operative word.

Israel was so preoccupied with animal sacrifice, and external purity - that the Spirit of the law became low priority. Just following a list of procedures.

Where as the law of the Spirit could be nothing but internal.

The Spirit was in the law of Moses; God was the author of the law of Moses. The problem was, the laws of the flesh were FLESH...animal sacrifice...levitical purity...bodily cleanliness...washings. A clean body is meaningless if the heart is a foul pit of shame.

I find living in the Spirit, requires a force of will. If I become lax in my prayers, lax in my bible reading, lax in going to Church, lax in practicing good - I slowly but surely loose the Spirit. I fall more and more into the flesh. So day by day, hour by hour, I fight to keep the Spirit. Temptation is always right there to pounce - waiting for my guard to drop. To say I "fight" - is not typical fighting. I fight by relaxing towards the temptation. I let it go. Passion feeds passion. I find when you meet temptation with peace - temptation goes away.

It is right to say: "a person cannot be justified by the law of the FLESH (external purity)".

It is right to say: "I am justified by Jesus - the law of the Spirit (internal purity)".

The confusion comes when they do not clarify that the part of the law which died on the the external regulations involved in external cleansing and animal sacrifice. The risen Lord is the Spirit of the law stripped of the flesh - circumcised. The Lord did not change from LAW to GRACE in the crucifixion, He simply got rid of the flesh which hindered obedience to God.

Understanding comes...when you realize we are talking about FLESH - animal sacrifice, cleaning everything on the OUTSIDE...

When purity of the Spirit is on the INSIDE...

Before crucifixion: [Mat 5:17] "Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets; I have come not to abolish them but to fulfil them.

After He was risen: [Titus 2:11] For the grace of God has appeared for the salvation of all men,

Prior to the crucifixion, the law was preoccupied in works of the flesh (animal sacrifice, ritual cleansing, external cleanliness). Grace is the law of the Spirit revealed, uncovered, stripped of the flesh in the risen Lord.

God is the originator of both...external...internal...but still the law...still the rebellion against the law - without understanding the distinction...whether internal or external - the flesh or the rebellion against the lawless person - is a graceless person.

Since Jesus is the law of the Spirit...and we do all we can to put Him within asking and the Lord's Supper...the heart is made full of the law. A truly saved person could not be lawless. So protracted lawless behavior...would prove the law really is not in that persons heart...and they are not saved.

Praise Lord God!