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Dear Anti-Catholic: This Letter is for you!:

Dear Anti-Catholic,

I am married to a So. Baptist lady who was born in Oklahoma and grew up in the heart of Texas.

For the last 10 years, I have been going to big, main line Protestant churches. For over 5 years I attended First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, CA. Where the world famous Chuck Swindol preached.

Because of work difficulties, my family and I have had to do a bit of traveling. For the most part, we have been attending Baptist churches.

Because my wife is strong willed, and I want peace in my family, I have not forced my beliefs on them, or forced them in any way to go to the Catholic Church.

Through these years of listening to preachers and reading the bible, I noticed the teachings and preaching - whether consciously or unconsciously - avoided certain passages of scripture. Passages that affirm Roman Catholic doctrine. I have diligently read and studied the bible many times.

As time went on, the following things became a loud roar in my mind:

  1. I could no longer avoid what scripture says.
  2. Repeated attempts by various Baptist preachers to get me baptized according to their rules. This is the issue the Lord kept reminding me of when they did this: they ignore the work of the Holy Spirit in perfecting the prayers and sacraments.
  3. Inaccurate, out of context, slander against the Roman Catholic Church. I have not ever seen any one of these people seek educated Roman Catholic theologians to test their accusations.

These things basically FORCED ME to acknowledge that the Roman Catholic interpretation of the way of the Lord is more accurate than what is taught in Protestant churches.

This business of pointing a finger at the sexual misconduct by certain clergy and saying 'AHAH!' is wrong and is devil-ish.
Let me remind you:

My wife just related to me that the lead preacher in the large So. Baptist church my mother-in-law attends has left the pulpit and is getting a divorce from his wife. Every other Protestant church I have gone to has either the preacher or the music minister caught in sex-sin. So, I really see no room for stone throwing on this issue.

Also, priests do not have to take a vow of celibacy. There are many MARRIED priests out there. So, this argument holds no water.

Another biggy for Protestants is the use of icons in worship. More throwing stones in glass houses.

The idols of the Protestant church are:

  1. The preacher - who, if he is a good speaker, becomes a kind of star. And when he leaves, more than half the congregation leaves with him. I attended a good size So. Baptist church in Las Vegas. They had a good preacher. He had them doing all kinds of good works. New building fund and so on. Then he left. Suddenly, the church was empty. The building fund is in question, and the staff is floundering.
  2. The bible- it is THE Holy Book, but, it is still a book. People pray over it, hug it, and basically, worship it. But, it is still a book - a creation of human hands.
  3. The choir - who is supposed to be there to glorify God. Ends up being entertainment. And, if the choir is no good, you get an empty church.

Protestants seem to forget, you go to church to worship God, not get entertained.

It struck me, after seeing these things, the Protestant church is just as guilty of sin as the Roman Catholic Church.

And on point after point, if you look at these things honestly, the same applies for each of the accusations Protestants typically make against the Roman Catholic Church.

Jesus is the Doctor of the Church. He came not for the righteous, but the sinner. And all churches, regardless of denomination, are full of sinners. I have found in my life, (I am over 30) if you look for problems hard enough, you will find problems.

I am quite certain, if I went to your church, and started digging around, I could find a world of sin. But, isn't that what the devil does? The evil one roots about and holds your faults before God and says 'AHAH!' Rather, the right way to be is MERCIFUL! To look for the good, defend the church, bless, love, and forgive. This is the right way to be!

The books by James White and other anti-Catholics are written to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. This should bother you greatly, but instead you rejoice in it! How horrible! You rejoice with the devil in the destruction of your brother!

We should affirm the church - in all its' manifestations. You need to repent.

[1John 4:20.29] If any one says, "I love God," and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.

God bless you!

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!