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A letter to Ruckus O Leary: a discussion on the name of God -

  1. I have found through praying and life in the Savior, when you focus on anything, the spirit behind it is revealed. Focus opens the door to the spirit. Now if the object of focus is evil, the spirit revealed will lead you to evil and hell. If the spirit is of the Almighty, it will lead you to good and Heaven.

  2. Now many thousands and millions have focused on the crucified Christ Jesus. If the spirit behind Him was evil, then the entirety of the Church would have collapsed in a burning pile of ruble years and years ago. But what you find is the opposite. As people turn away from the crucified Christ, our world is turning into a burning pile of trash.

  3. The crucified Christ is a perfect mirror, revealing the true condition of a persons soul. However a person sees the crucified Christ reveals their spiritual condition. The one who sees holiness is probably holy. The one who cannot look on the crucified Savior, cannot face their sins and be free of them - because Jesus Christ crucified is the death of our sins. To face the crucified Christ - is to face the truth.

  4. The Church is quite healthy with over 1 billion people as members. So charging that the name "Christ Jesus" is evil - is not reflected in reality.

  5. This is what I have found in my research on the Holy name of Jesus:

  6. Jesus = I)HSOU (nestle-aland greek new testament) – most say it is derived from JOSHUA – I AM SALVATION.

  7. You find "Jesus" in the Greek forms: Ieseus - I am life; Iasis - the cure, to heal; Aeizôos - eternal life.

  8. I found it had a closer affinity to "Yesha" (SALVATION in Hebrew).

  9. Now scripture says: JESUS is salvation and eternal life. Upon analysis of the name, yes, that is exactly what JESUS means. So I really cannot see how focusing on the name of salvation and eternal life can be construed as anything bad or evil. Focusing on the name of JESUS reveals/opens the door to the Spirit of salvation and eternal life – the Almighty.

  10. I don't mean to offend you in any way. I am trying to deal with what you say in a educated way - apart from emotional outbursts - just yelling at each other.

  11. Though I do agree "Jehovah" is not a supportable version of the Holy name of the Almighty. It says clearly in the big dictionaries it was mistakenly thought to be the pronunciation of YHVH when people were trying to make the English Bible - around 1500ad. The jews added the vowel points of ADONAI over YHVH to remind themselves to say ADONAI instead of YHVH - so they would not use the name of the Almighty in vain. They wanted only to use His name in the absolutely proper way. That is how we ended up with JEHOVAH. A mistake does not sound like an evil plot or an intended deception. They simply made an honest mistake. Remember - the Almighty looks at the heart.

  12. Apart from that - JEHOVAH is mighty close to JEHOSHUA. It closely resembles something like 20 biblical names.

  13. I also noted it closely resembles Ahura Mazda - the Zoroastrian name of the Almighty. AHURA means LIFE BESTOWER. AHU RA / JEHO VAH.

  14. You have to get into the meaning of these names to pull it all apart. From the above analysis, it would seem JEHOVAH is an acceptable name to use for the Almighty. Always remember - He looks at the heart. He looks right through us to see whether WE are TRUE.

  15. CHRIST simply means BLESSED WITH OIL. It is a Kingly title. That is why you see it in other places in GREEK. CHRIST is short for Anointed King - the same as saying OFFICIAL LEADER.

  16. Finally, we need to look at the FRUIT of true worship of JESUS. Our Savior says: you will know a tree by its fruit, a good tree will bear good fruit, a bad tree will bear bad fruit.

  17. If you examine the lives of the saints, like St. Francis, Padre Pio, St. Teresa, Blessed Margaret of Castillo, and many others, you will find that those who TRULY focus their entire being on JESUS to be uncommonly good people. If worship of JESUS was evil, then evil would be the result.

  18. Now their are many out there today who CLAIM to be true followers of JESUS. We all need discernment to see these fakes. They are the chaff among the wheat, in the end we all will be tested with fire. Those that are true Christians will pass, those who are not will burn forever.

  19. May Christ have mercy on our eternal souls, Amen!

  20. In Scripture it shows Abraham using the name YHVH. So YHVH was known before Moses and the burning bush (after the burning bush YAHYAH). According to the dialog between Moses and God, the Almighty was known up to that time as El Shaddai.

  21. Most places define El Shaddai as God Almighty. But if you look up SHADDAI in Strong's Hebrew dictionary, you will find SHADDAI is from SHADAD – to ruin/lay waste. Looking for HVH (I felt guided) I found HOVAH to mean – ruin. So you can see, El Shaddai and YEHOVAH are the same name – I AM DESOLATION.

  22. You only have to remember the flood, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the plagues of Egypt to understand how God earned the name I AM DESOLATION.

  23. The Savior says: “Father, you have given me your name”. JOSHUA is traditionally translated I AM SALVATION. But if you look up the words, you find it ends up meaning – I AM DESOLATION - YESHIVA. Which fits Joshua's genocidal campaigns across ancient Israel.

  24. This shows the mirror again. Just like the crucified Christ, to God's enemies He is THE DESTROYER (that is exactly how SHIVA is known - the Creator and the Destroyer), as His wrath rests upon them. But to those who love Him, He is Salvation (Yesha). Those who bless Him will be blessed, those who curse Him will be cursed.

  25. JESUS reflects His name AFTER the burning bush: YAH YAH = I AM I AM = YES YES = JES EUS = JESUS. JOSHUA reflects His name BEFORE the burning bush.

    What is odd about this, YAHVEH (yava, jivah, viva = vital life force) appears to mean the same thing as JESUS: I AM LIFE. While YEHOVAH and JOSHUA appear to mean the same thing: I AM DESOLATION. I cannot explain this.

  26. The enemies of Jesus see Him as their damnation, that is why they hate Him so much. But to those who call Him Lord, King, Savior, and Christ - He is eternal life, salvation, and Heaven.

  27. Christ crucified is the perfect picture of DESOLATION. On the cross Jesus is: King of the Jews – El Shaddai – I AM DESOLATION. In other words: the wrath of God we deserve, He takes upon Himself for our salvation. That wrath remains on the person who does not trust in Him.

  28. For those who trust in Him – SHUA/SHIVA means GRACE.

  29. Oh, I have really struggled with all of this for a number of years. I was driven to the books in an effort to understand it all, and test the claims of people. And all through this, the Lord has been with me. I don't think I could tollerate Him if in His presence I was inspired to do evil.

  30. Evil is evil, and good is good. In Jesus I am convicted constantly of the evils that I do - even little things. And I am glad of that, because His Spirit lets me know He is still there. Jesus is my friend. Many times He seems to be my only friend. I love Him and He loves me. Forever. This is my heart speaking, I cannot be false about Him.

  31. And if you saw my eyes, you would know, I am speaking from my heart.

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!