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How fragile is advanced civilization?

  1. Perhaps because advanced civilizations grow out of balance with the universe. A house of cards. The higher the cards go, the easier it is to knock them down. Just changing building codes for buildings to be built to withstand natural disaster would probably save the greater part of society.

  2. A large volcanic eruption would encircle the globe with sun blocking dust. This would interrupt the weather cycle. Everything would change. Because of bad weather, crops would fail. Millions would starve. People would attempt to migrate to places with food. This would cause war. Cities would lose proper sanitation. Disease would devastate populations. The four horsemen of the apocalypse would be let loose.

  3. What would 1 billion hungry Chinese do for food?

  4. A large volcanic eruption would probably precipitate a nuclear war, as people fight over dwindling resources. A large volcanic eruption would cause 30-50 years of bad weather.

  5. Only a robust civilization could survive 30 years of war, crop failure, and natural disaster.

  6. How fragile is advanced civilization?

  7. Just 1 (one) large volcanic eruption would ruin it all. An "act of God" - as insurance companies call it.

  8. Advanced civilizations seem to get the idea that they are greater than the universe which created them. This is a great mistake. The lack of Fear of God is the beginning of the end.

  9. Scripture briefly describes civilization before the flood. I think it was a technologically advanced society. A society with space travel and colonies throughout the solar system. I think the flood was a solar system wide catastrophe.

  10. As the solar system passed through a galactic asteroid belt, the entire solar system was pelted with thousands of meteors. These meteors devastated the colonies, changed the orbit of Mars, and caused other disruptions throughout the solar system. Only 1 family survived - Noah. Genetic biologists say we are all descended from 1 man.

  11. (Delusions of grandeur) + (lack of fear of God) = lost civilizations.

  12. Why do people convince themselves they are invincible, indestructible, immortal, and "it won't happen to me"? Because modern civilizations promote illusion and not reality. Civilizations to survive must be based firmly on reality. A civilization built on illusion and the thin vapor of dreams would blow away at the least breeze of disaster.

  13. An illustration of this is the Internet. It is almost entirely smoke and mirrors - illusion. Many people invested billions in the Internet. When George Bush was elected president, it burst the bubble of illusion that prosperity by the Internet promised - simply because many people lost faith in the Internet. And so much of the dot.com companies collapsed. One must ask: where did all those billions of dollars go? Illusion.

  14. Civilizations built on illusion cannot survive the harsh reality of natural disaster.

  15. The illusion is based on the invincibility of man - the greatness of man. Reality is seeing mankind as FRAGILE. The fragility of mankind tells you: basing your civilization on man will make your civilization as WEAK as man.

  16. God is Truth - Reality. For a civilization to survive, it must be based on Reality - God.


  17. Genius may be at the heart of the problem. The desire within each person to be god.

  18. Scripture says mankind built the tower of babel. It was only a short time after the flood. Having almost first hand experience of the power of the wrath of God, mankind used his genius to build the tower of babel. He used his genius to spit in the face of the Almighty in building a tower to himself.

  19. It would seem, the genius inside of man is demonic - the snake within. To challenge God and become God.

  20. The rise and fall of many civilizations follow this pattern. Every few hundred years, mankind reaches some peak of civilization, imagination, innovation. And each time a disaster (act of God) devastates that people - humbles them - or even exterminates them.

  21. Because western genius has spread over the entire earth, the next judgement will be world wide.

  22. The proud genius of man is Satan. That is why Islam calls America the "great Satan". Because America is the place of proud innovation.

    Lord have mercy!

  23. Take art for example. when I was drifting and unsure of my life, I was able to produce cartoons with all kinds of very detailed monsters. The pain and insecurity of my life inspired me to produce creative works of art. If you look at the lives of great artists, they were for the most part very troubled individuals. The evil within drove them to express their pain artistically.

  24. A person who is driven to succeed, more than likely is a very unhappy person. The genius inside is pushing them to come up with something to satisfy it. But the problem with the genius, the more it gets, the more it wants. It is never satisfied.

  25. When I gave my heart to the Lord, and learned how to cast my cares upon Him - to dwell in his perfect peace, I found I was no longer inspired to draw monsters. The artistic need went away. It shows satisfaction in God pretty much kills the snake within. Kills the genius which drives evil creation. The satisfied person stops trying to find a better way of living because he is at peace.

  26. You could say Einstein was the greatest genius mankind has ever produced. He was greatly troubled to discover his theories led directly to the invention of the atomic bomb. The greatest genius of man ended up creating the agent which may destroy all of mankind.

  27. I always wondered why in the book of Revelations it says after the "day of the Lord" ,1000 years would pass, then Satan would be set free. If you see the "day of the Lord" as a time of natural disaster - knocking mankind back to a natural state - it could take 1000 years to recover from such devastation. On recovering from such a time, the "jinn" of mans' intelligence would once again rise up - letting the genius out of the bottle. According to Scripture - this will be the last time.

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