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Jesus is the God who cares for me!

The problems with moral relativism:

  1. Moral relativism (MR) implies either directly or indirectly: God loves you so much, He does not care what you do with your life. The MR god is the god who does not care.

  2. Many different groups believe in a MR god. People who hold to a MR god come in all denominations and belief systems: atheists, Protestants, Catholics, bhuddists, wiccans, pagans, universalists, Unitarians, etc.

    Predestination amounts to the same thing as the MR god:

    • You cannot do anything to change your status with God - saved or damned.
    • It says your destiny is already set, you can do nothing to change it.
    • It makes Jesus, His mission, the bible, the church, faith, love, and everything else that has to do with salvation spurious nonsense.
    • In other words: a god who does not care.

    Jesus Christ showed He is the God who cares for me by going to the cross for my salvation.

  3. God is love (1 John 4:8). Love always protects, promotes, encourages, and saves lives. A parent, and God is Our Heavenly Father, wants his child to grow up happy, healthy, and morally clean inside and out. This is true caring. A good parent gives advice, rules, and punishment when necessary.

  4. Indifference to how your child lives and grows is hateful and uncaring.

  5. What kind of parent would God Our Father be, if He did not care, and was indifferent to our lives? This kind of parent, this kind of god, would be a selfish, unkind, uncaring, unloving devil - unworthy of any kind of worship, praise, or love.

  6. To believe in a god, who does not care how you lead your life, would mean in the time when you needed him the most, he would not be there, because he would not care.

  7. We are a part of this real Universe. It operates under strict rules. If and when these rules are violated, death and destruction soon follows. The whole Universe would soon disintegrate into a cloud of cosmic dust, if the natural laws were violated.

  8. God designed The Universe with checks and balances to keep it from flying apart - to maintain order. Suns burn at constant rates, planets orbit, and your heart beats. If your heart decided to not beat according to its design, sickness and death would soon occur.

  9. That there is order in the Universe shows God does care.

  10. The life that lives according to the God designed Universal order (Truth):
    • Lives long
    • Lives healthy
    • Procreates
    • Lives joyfully
    • Lives lovingly (does no harm to itself or others except if forced to in defense of the innocent)
    • In other words: wisdom - fear and obey God -

  11. One must be aware and knowledgeable to the Universal Truth who is God - and practice life in harmony with the Truth - this is righteousness. Jesus knew what I am saying and understood. Jesus is the orderly Way of the Universe (John 14:6).

  12. Any thing we do that is not in harmony with the Universal Truth of God is sin. To live in harmony with the Universal Way of God is to be in the Will of God Our Father.

  13. Our Heavenly Father God cares about every atom, every molecule, every insect, every breath you take, every glance you take, every last move you make - because we are just as much a part of the Universe as the sun, the moon, and the stars.

  14. The well-established factual physics principle of the Conservation of Energy states: energy can neither be created or destroyed, it just changes form. This is the Law of Moses: eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life. The energy balance of the Universe must and will be maintained. Sin takes away energy. Love is to become true by confessing, renouncing, and forgiving sin - righting the energy balance disturbed by sin - which by nature is untrue.

  15. This is what Christ Jesus did on the cross - pay the energy balance, pay the price the Universal Way (God the Father) demands: "It is finished" (Paid in Full - John 19:30) - his life for my life.

  16. Without believing in and obeying Christ, the price for sin is left unpaid. Because we live in this Universe which watches our every move, there will come a day of reckoning, a day when the Universe says: pay up!

  17. In moral relativism, essentially, the self is god. The Universe revolves around you. According to the MR god, he loves all of man so much he does not care at all how you live your life, everybody is forgiven, everybody is going to Heaven.

  18. My God who is Christ:
    • gave His life specifically to save my life
    • cares about every last detail of my life
    • is right there when I need Him, any time, any place
    • he loves me so much He respects the choices I make, even if they hurt me, even if they send me to hell - it is up to me
    • Jesus Christ loves me deeply, truly, intimately, and unconditionally, just as I am.

    The point being:
    love is NOT love if it does not care! This term "unconditional love" turns into an oxymoron when you make it into "uncaring love" (OXYMORON = a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in "cruel kindness" or "to make haste slowly.").

  19. I choose Jesus. The choice looks pretty simple to me.

  20. Moral relativism invites the wrath of God.

  21. Simple proof that God cares:
    God gives you the impulse to eat. If you do not eat, you will die. If God did not care whether you live or die, He would not tell you to go and get something to eat.

Praise Lord God!