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Aliens, Astral Planes, and Giants

  1. Some say...we are half aliens...synthesized from ape and alien genes...

  2. Some say...the Lord was a sentient alien scientist...that the human race was manufactured to be slaves of alien 'masters' - 'lords'...to exploit the resources of the earth...

  3. ...really...the original half men...were more than twice as tall as normal people...maybe 13 feet tall...the "Anunnaki" Nephilim (Anunnaki - annunci - messengers - angels?)...and likely as not...retained some of the alien physiology...like the Egyptian gods...

  4. ...bizarre...Sumeria - Enki...Egypt - Ankh...North America - Tonka...Peru - Inca...all places with ancient...unexplainable...high tech...building complexes...

  5. "Anunnaki" and/or "ENKI" is an interesting word. From it we get - [announc]e, [ange]l, s[ancti]fied, saint (s[ancti]), sin (En), b[an] (law, lord, to speak, good), san (good, holy, sacred), b[ank] (treasure), news (neu - the word), Eyn (Hebrew-Nothing), On (strong), sun, son. Ancient Rome and Islam call them "Genii". The angels are known as messengers. Ea/Enki/Enzu is known as the God who brought the law and wisdom to humanity - the Word (Je/Ea/En/neu) of Life (ki/zoo/sus).

    EnĚki Pronunciation Key (nk) n. Mythology
    The Mesopotamian god of waters and primeval establisher of law and order.
    [Sumerian en-ki-k, lord of the earth : en, lord + ki, earth + -k, genitive suff..]

    [Psalm 97:5] The mountains melted like wax at the presence of the LORD, At the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. Josh 3:11,13; Isaiah 54:5; Zech 4:14, 6:5; Rev 11:4

    Other sources say "enki" means "Universe" - essentially the physical manifestation of God - the image of the Almighty. En = Heaven, Ki = Earth. En+Ki = the Logos. He is where Heaven and Earth join. The HORIZON is the place Heaven and Earth join, which is HORUS the Savior of Egypt - son of the Father of Eternity - Osirus (Egyption "Book Of The Dead"). This loving intercessory position is demonstrated when He saves mankind from the flood. The Sumerian version of Genesis identifies Enki as God in the garden creating mankind.

    Like Gen 11:7, in the "Nam-Shub of Enki", Enki is identified as the One who confused the languages of the earth:

    Enki, the Lord of abundance, whose commands are trustworthy,
    The Lord of wisdom, who scans the land,
    The leader of the gods,
    The Lord of Eridu, endowed with wisdom,
    Changed the speech in their mouths, put contention into it,
    Into the speech of man that had been one.

  6. Understanding "Enki" to mean "the Universe" will help you to understand why the following passages contain very similar language to that of the Bible. In the Bible it is understood JESUS is the physical manifestation of God Almighty.

    From: "Myths of Enki, The Crafty God" by Samuel Noah Kramer and "The Enuma Elish" a Sumerian story of the creation of the universe:

    "My Father, the King of the Universe,
    Brought me into existence in the Universe,
    My ancestor, the King of all the lands,
    Gathered together all the me's (LAWS), placed the me's (LAWS) in my hand.
    From the Ekur, the house of Enlil,
    I brought craftsmanship to my Abzu of Eridu.
    I am the fecund seed, engendered by the great wild ox, I Am The First Born Son of An (God Most High)
    I am the great storm' who goes forth out of the great below', I am the Lord of the Land,
    I am the GUGAL of the chieftans (King of Kings), I am the father of all the lands,

    I am the big brother' of the gods (SAINTS), I am he who brings full prosperity,

    I am the record keeper of heaven and earth,
    I am the ear and the mind (?) of all the lands,
    I am he who directs justice with the King An on An's dais (God's throne, Rev 3:21),
    I am he who decrees the fates with Enlil in the mountain of wisdom (Mt. SINAI),'

    He placed in my hand the decreeing of the fates of the place where the sun rises,'

    I am he to whom Nintu pays due homage,
    I am he who has been called a good name by Ninhursag,
    I am the leader of the Anunnaki (ANGELS, Josh 5:13,14),
    I am he who has been born as the First Son of the Holy An. (The Son of God)"
    After the LORD had uttered (?) (His) exaltedness,

    After the Great Prince (Isa 9:6) had Himself pronounced (His) praise,

    The Anunnaki (ANGELS) came before him in prayer and supplication:
    "Lord who directs craftsmanship,
    Who makes decision, the glorified; Enki, praise!"
    For a second time, because of (His) great joy,

  7. Some say when we worship "GOD", we are actually worshipping "GAD". In Hebrew GAD means FORTUNE. Now this brings up an interesting connection. The Greek goddess TYCHE is FORTUNE. When a person gets what they need in perfect time - it is said they were FORTUNATE - a necessity was provided for. And so FORTUNE came to be the same as NECESSITY - which in Greek is ANANKE. You can see ANANKE ~ ENKI. ANANKE is also known as the order of the Universe.

  8. Enki/ENZU (God of Wisdom)...En = Ea = Yah = neu = breath = word = message...Ki = chay = zoo = life...ah-choo (your heart stops every time you sneeze - that is why we say "bless you")...Yah+zoo = Jesus...The Word of Life...The Breath of Life...YES...the Gospel is the Good News (neu)...

  9. It is said Ea/Enki/Enzu created mankind and gave him the Wisdom of the Law (ME).

    There are those who say Ea/Enki/Enzu is evil. BUT, Wisdom practiced results in SALVATION and a good, ordered, law abiding, God fearing society.

    I know the Sumerian and Babylonian writings show Enki/Ea doing all kinds of strange things. Fathering children from a number of goddesses, etc.. If you understand ENKI to mean UNIVERSE, then any natural cosmic event would be interpreted in a religious way. I believe most of the writings associated with ENKI are natural events like hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, the birth or death of a child, crops growing or being destroyed, etc.. being explained and interpreted as supernatural events caused or stopped by the gods. Even an atheist has to admit it is a fact the UNIVERSE created us and the foundation of civilization is LOVE (Rom 13:9,10) - the peaceful union of parties that may be as different as Heaven and Earth.

    The languages used in world religions are riddles. To solve the riddles, you need to find the meaning of the words. Like Merlin's "spell of making", in it's ancient wording it sounds so mysterious, but when you interpret the words, what you find is a little prayer to the devil. Praying to the devil is a first class ticket to Hell - and so "spells of making" are thrown in the trash.

    Another example of religious word riddles (which would drive most fundamentalists half crazy) - "Catholic" and "Savior/Salvation/Save/Safe" are all derived from the same root word and mean essentially the same thing "solo = whole = universal". So if you say: "JESUS means SALVATION" (made whole/universal/holy), without knowing it, you are saying: "JESUS means CATHOLIC" (made whole/universal/holy). Understanding that a person touched by Jesus is made WHOLE (healed body, mind, and soul).

    The purpose of Satan is to turn people away from God. To create chaos, confusion, dis-order, and lawlessness. It would be totally contrary to Satan's nature to give mankind the best way of being SAVED from his evil plans.

    It is very wrong to say: Enki/Ea/Enzu - the giver of Wisdom and Creator of Mankind - is evil.

  10. "Enzu" known to the Akkadians as Uz, the Goat. The Slain Kid. Capricornus. The Goat is associated with the Hebrew letter Yod (God). In other words: the "scape goat" who carried the sins of Israel into the desert - the Lamb of God. "Enzu" is also translated as STILL (unchanging/eternal) LIFE. Enzu = Jesu = Jesus.

  11. [John 17:11] And now I am no more in the world, but they are in the world, and I am coming to thee. Holy Father, keep them in thy name, which thou hast given me, that they may be one, even as we are one.

  12. Some say...the world's religions...are really battles between rival alien Anunnaki kings...Ea/Enki/Enzu - Jesus/Yhvh(?)...Enlil - Eloha/Allah(?)...Bel Marduk - Ohura Mazda(?)...

  13. ...Jesus (YesYes) tells us: the truth will set you free...what truth?...knowing that world religion is really a smoke screen for alien domination?...God help us!...all that truth would give us is the dread realization that in the NEAR future the earth will be ruled by the tyranny and iron scepter of aliens...

  14. [Rev 19:15] From his mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron; he will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty.

  15. The TRUTH which sets you free is:
    [Proverbs 28:13] He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy. Luke 18:13,14; 1 John 1:9

  16. "Sin"...is the name of the creator god...the moon...in Babylon and Assyria...Jesus says: SIN enslaves...Paul says: faith in Jesus sets you free of the Law - which is for SINners (= idolaters)...the Law is connected to the Law of Hammurabi...Sin was the god of Hammurabi...the symbol of Sin is the crescent moon...Allah was Sin's other name...which is what Jews and Arabs call God in the middle east...and that ties it all together...

  17. ...when you look up "Sin"...its etymological descent is..."essence", "the cause", "the one who it is"...which is the same as "Yah"...

  18. [Rom 6:14] For SIN will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.
    [1Cor 15:56] The sting of death is SIN, and the power of SIN is the law.

  19. ...little sin...like other gods...big SIN like THE God...makes sense...since evil sin is really obeying other gods...

  20. ...kind of changes perspective...if you realize...the people in the New Testament are telling you...God in the Old Testament is Sin (see how we have been conditioned to think of this as evil - but "SIN" in Hebrew means the Holy Flame of God's Eternal LOVE - Song of Solomon 8:6)...you definitely get this impression when reading the letters of Paul...it also illuminates how most fundamentalists consider works of the law as evil...

  21. Some say through meditation techniques...they talk to these aliens...and travel through Astral Planes to visit these beings and distant places...

  22. Some say...we are to fight for our independence...if they are right...how on earth would we ever be strong enough to battle aliens who have mastered trans-dimensional travel and communication?...who are they kidding?...

  23. Some people are really taking all this very seriously...take a wide eyed look at the movie "Independence Day"...

  24. ...it would be like "Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy"...alien road construction crew informs the earth "you have 15 minutes to evacuate the planet...which is being removed to make room for the inter-galactic expressway...if you have any complaints...contact the GDT (Galactic Department of Transportation)"..."what do you mean: 'we didn't know?', the GDT is only 15 light years away"...

    From the X-Files episode, "Hollywood A.D.":
    Scully admits that his story reminded her of an old Catholic school tale about the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. His incantations were engraved on a bowl being spun on a wheel nearby, like the grooves on a record. Mulder is intrigued by this idea, and sends Scully to consult with their expert friend Chuck Burks. Chuck analyzes the bowl and finds that all the notes vibrate in exactly the same key -- a feat unheard of in music. The clay bowl's vibrations rendered into actual words in ancient Aramaic, the language that Christ spoke. He says that the first part roughly translates into "I am the walrus, I am the walrus, Paul is dead, coo-cooc-achoo (Loving-Creator-Jesu). Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. I knew that thou hearest me always, but I have said this on account of the people standing by, that they may believe that thou didst send me. Lazarus, come out!"

    ...i wonder if this was a subconscious thing or something...because a walrus with it's heavy mustache and big wise eyes...in a fuzzy kind of way looks like half man, half fish...i found it intriguing...

  25. Foundational Truths

    Don't let any of this stuff discourage your faith. Even if there was a being as big as a galaxy (~100,000 light years tall) with super powers. He would not be as great as God. God Most High is the Creator of the UNIVERSE. And He is certainly greater than His creation.

    The Holy Spirit of Love is what you should base your faith on. Know and understand that without love practiced, nothing succeeds.

    ...The TRUTH is God is LOVE...and if you think you can live a happy life without LOVE...you are fooling yourself...using Aliens, Astral Plains, and Giants as an excuse not to believe in and obey God is nonsense...everybody needs LOVE...remember...God is Spirit...God is Love...God is Truth...and these facts about God...are UNIVERSAL...these facts about GOD have no bias...alien...human...whatever...

    "Love thy neighbor" has no conditions attached to it. It applies to every being in the Universe - whether alien or human. Because it applies to all - it is above all. God who is the Spirit of Love is higher than all beings in the Universe - because nothing in the Universe is better than True Love.

    Know this, Jesus Christ has been tested and testified to in every way possible in an effort to destroy Him and His Church. The enemies of Christ have failed and continue to fail. The Truth proves itself resilient against anything which tries to destroy it.

    Consider St. Paul. NO ONE denies Paul of Tarsus lived. NO ONE denies St. Paul was imprisoned and beheaded in 67a.d. The concrete history of St. Paul CONFIRMS the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Because St. Paul testifies to meeting St. Peter and the other Apostles. The dates, the persons, the events, the miracles, and St. Paul's many letters all testify to the absolute truth and fact of the Lord Jesus Christ!! SOLID UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE.

    All praise and glory to God the Father, and God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! AMEN!

  26. ...and His name is YES...and true religion...is to...say YES to LOVE...amen...

  27. keep the faith...YES!...

"...but there may be another explanation..."
It is interesting to note: the Gospel message remains essentially unchanged despite thousands of years, cultural differences, thousands of miles - in modern English!

I believe the reason for this is God gave NOAH 120 years to preach (Genesis 6:3) to the world to repent or the Lord would flood the world and destroy it. During that time, NOAH (and/or people sent by him) went around the world preaching this message - which for the most part was ignored. That is why the name of the Lord is found (distorted by time and dialects) all around the world.

Before interpretation:
Jesus says: "honor and be sanctified in me."

Jesus = iesou = aei zoo = eternal life; enki = en ki = eternal life; heaven + earth = universe

hONOr = be true = Anu: God, Love, Grace; SINcere = HONest. SIN = HON = TRUTH. In the Zorroaster Avesta HONAVAR is the Logos, the Holy Word of Wisdom and Creation. In Nordic religion HONER with ODIN and LODUR created man. (H)OANNES or (H)ON is another name for EA/ENKI/ENZU(Capricorn). HANNAH in Hebrew means GRACE.

sENKIfied = to be purified and made holy by fire, SINged - you become a saint (SANCTI - Enki). The waters of baptism conform you to the image of Jesu = Enzu; fish/man/god. From "Enki" you get "announce" which is "The Word of Life".

me = the LAW = Wisdom.

After interpretation:
The Eternal Universe says: "be gracious and pure in the law of the Universe." Live in harmony with the Universe that created you. Be loving and holy to the Word that gives you life.

We are talking about REALITY - the Universe - TRUTH - the Word (John 1:1,14:6). See all the crazy things people come up with to avoid Reality/Truth? Mama Mia!

"Jesus" (Ieseus) is said to come from Hebrew "Joshua". But Greek for HEAL is IASO - the name of a Greek goddess of healing. Greek - IASO = healing, health.

 J esus raised   L azarus from the dead.
   Isis raised     Osiris from the dead.
(J)isis raised (EL)osiris from the dead.

Osiris = Asar

Worship Almighty Most High - The Holy Creator of the Universe.

The Foolishness of the Name of God Game

Praise Lord God!

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