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One of the greatest things to inspire me in these web pages has been searching out the Name of the Creator. The Lord has given me a curiosity that is not satisfied until it hits rock bottom - the final truth.

For example, when I was little and the neighborhoods were safer, we used to go to hundreds of homes and fill several grocery sacks with candy during Halloween. Our neighbor across the street had built a spooky thing in their living room to thrill the kids as they came to get candy. The typical reaction was to grab the candy and run. But for me, deep inside I had to know how it all worked. Whatever fears I had became subject to my curiosity. I searched the room and found the lady across the street behind the couch controlling it all. I scared her when I found her.

The Sacred Syllable "Yah" is the source for most of the names of the Holy One. Many times repeated twice for emphasis. "Jesus" can be interpreted many ways. But, it really appears to echo the name Moses received - I AM I AM = ayah ayah = Yah Yah = Yes Yes = Jes eus = Jesus. Truly True - in other words.

In my NAME OF GOD web page I have made a chart defining many of the names of the Holy One. Here are most of the names used for the Most High:
Allah Ra God Yoga Holy Odin Yah Shiva Yihvah Zeus/Uranus Patar Amitabha Bhudda Ahura Mazda

Now the meaning, word by word:
Strongly bless, invoke, pray, pour out libations, and join the Holy Spirit Being - Gracious Living Heavenly Father; Loving Good, Life Bestowing: Teacher, Lord and Master.

It would seem like the peoples of the world went to a "Name of God" buffet. And each group picked His name based on their own personal preference or taste. Yes, indeed, the Holy One has all of these ATTRIBUTES. But it seems wrong to focus on only one - and ignore the rest. The Holy One is Infinite. He is: strong, blessings, prayer and sacrifice, joining, holy, spirit, being, gracious, living, heavenly, father, loving, good, life, bestowing, teacher, lord, and master. But He is also much much more.

Something like making war over which flavor of ice cream you prefer. When you put it in perspective it becomes obvious how petty it is arguing and making war over the proper way to call, worship, and obey Him. You may say Islam has done this, but the Jihad (holy war) is a primary doctrine in Islam. The Islamic Jihad says: “we will kill you if you do not call, worship, and obey the way we say”. It is the worst kind of ethnocentrism. The fragmentation of Protestant denominations is another example of this insanity. None of them has ever read or put to heart Romans 14.

After all this, and months of contemplating all this, I can see the wisdom in the SHEMA: "Hear oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One." The Holy One is not the author of confusion, and all the names people have used to worship Him definitely add to the confusion. The mark of ethnocentrism is very clear on most of the names used to worship Him. It seems you are leaning in loyalty towards that particular country when you pick a certain name to worship Him. He is the Being and He is the Father of us ALL. Calling on Him as "One Most High" seems to eliminate any ethnic, racial, sexual, or national prejudice. It is hard to sort it all out, but prejudice, selfishness, and confusion are definitely inappropriate when calling on the Creator.

The Holy One enjoys simple and honest worship and obedience. Be good, practice love, confess and renounce your evil deeds, worship Him, give something of what you earn back to Him, pray. Keep it simple, humble faith and obedience, like a child.

All glory and honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!

How does Zero = one?

Zero is the center and origin of Universe. 1 source. 1 center. 1 origin.

"0" is 1 unending line - no beginning, no end - eternal.

"0" is 1 Universe. The 1 line traverses the entire existence of the Universe and encompasses its' beginning, middle, and end.

But how could God be "0"? God is not material, though He holds all things together and maintains order within material existence. God was not born. God cannot die. He is Spirit.

What does One imply?

Think about it.

In living faith - we, Jesus, and the Father are One (John 17:11).

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