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How TBN and other Evangelical individuals and organizations use FEAR to gain converts and solicit money

World War 3
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  1. Guilt of un repented sin grows into a desire for punishment. Wanting God to come and obliterate the world. Wanting it all to end.

  2. I am 42, for years I have heard and read about how close we all are to World War 3. All during the Vietnam War and the 60's we regularly heard about nuclear bombs. The horror of nuclear war was constantly presented to us. We were saturated with it.

  3. I had tried to avoid this subject for several years now. But strange things are happening in the world. But, this may be the normal way it is. There almost always seems to be something strange going on.

  4. I remember a sermon by Chuck Swindol, in which he was talking about gifts of the Spirit and their use and abuse. In this sermon he talked about the gift of prophecy. Chuck has this wonderful gift of bringing out clear meaning to some parts of scripture. Chuck pointed out in verse after verse, that true prophecy is EXACT. All persons, places, events have to fall into place for a prophecy to be fulfilled.

  5. The last 20 years have seemed to be the most horrible 20 years in the earth's history. But have they really? I encourage you to read about World War 1 & 2. Those two wars had things within them of unspeakable evil. The more I learn about World War 2, the less I want to learn about World War 2. Between 1914 and 1945 nearly 100,000,000 people died in wars.

  6. Can you even compare the relative peace and prosperity of the last 31 years to WW1 and WW2? Granted there have been large sporadic wars in these times - but nothing of the magnitude experienced during the world wars.

  7. Now you have some perspective. Now you should be able to honestly evaluate the vultures at TBN and the Evangelical community.

  8. Scripture tells us to avoid false prophets. To cast them out.

  9. I recently viewed a report by Hal Lindsey on TBN. I could actually sense LUST for world destruction in the man. Palpable. You could see and feel his excitement as he almost salivated at the prospect of World War 3 within the next year or so. In between all this he would throw in a bible verse here and there. And then at the end he solicited money. I found the whole thing disgusting.

  10. I do not think it is wrong to desire for Jesus Christ to return. But for it to be accompanied with a hunger and be possessed with a lust for world destruction does not strike me as being kind, godly, Christian, or loving. It is VERY twisted. An extremely peculiar perversion.

  11. Evangelicals ignore all this because Hal Lindsey's false prophecies are winning people to Christ. But how genuine can a faith be that is based on lies?

  12. I have also heard Mr. Lindsey call the Catholic Church the "Whore of Babylon". Just how does Jesus feel when His bride is called a "Whore"? If they ever want a very educated response to this slander, they just have to go to the Catholic Answers web site. After careful analysis of scripture and geography, the charge that ROME is the WHORE OF BABYLON is totally refuted.

  13. It is a wonder that people tolerate such blatant false prophecy - especially when they continually set dates and point at things saying: "that's it!".

  14. Isn't it very evil to leach and prey on peoples fears? That is what is called EXTORTION or GRAFT and it is a crime. Remember all those companies selling survival kits just prior to 2000? Those wicked people made millions off of the fear of the millennium. Making people afraid so they give you money. How many millions have the Evangelicals made off of old ladies afraid of Armageddon?

  15. I have followed a number of Evangelicals for years, and even though most of the prophecies they make regularly come up false, they continue to make predictions and use fear to trick people into converting to their brand of Christianity.

  16. Whenever the Lord returns, these people will have a great deal of evil to answer for.

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!

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