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My Dreams and Visions

These are the dreams and visions I have had over the years which stand out in my mind. They are as fresh in my mind today as when I first had them. Enjoy.


The Torch of God

This is a dream/vision I had about 2 a.m. on February 13, 1995.

I woke up with a sore throat and mouth. It felt like the roof of my mouth was on fire. I laid down and began to concentrate on relaxing the area of the roof of my mouth and throat that hurt. Then I concentrated on relaxing the pain. It felt like it was beginning to work.

I imagined the pain in a package. The package was thrown into a waste basket and then the contents of the basket were dumped into a furnace. Then I prayed, "Lord touch my throat and mouth and heal me". As I prayed, I saw an image of Jesus stretching out his hand touching my throat and mouth. At the same time I heard someone singing, "touch me, heal me, touch me, heal me", and then, "gazing at you I see the glory, listening to you I hear the truth, following you I clime the mountain, I get excitement at your feet".

The image changed to Christ crucified. I focused on his right hand; bleeding with the nail in it. He looked at me in his great pain. I wanted to let his blood drip on my throat and mouth. He flexed his hand and blood dripped from his wound. As the blood hit the ground, little puffs of smoke streamed upwards. I breathed in the smoke, knowing it had the power to heal. I took deep breaths of the smoke. I began to hear more music, "hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah". It felt like I was a part of the music.

Then the scene changed to Jesus standing in front of me with his arms apart. He came to me and hugged me. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins. And He said, "I am The Answer!" I wanted to be open to The Answer, but for some reason I was a little afraid - I don't know why. As Jesus hugged me, I felt His warmth and love wash over me. And then He evaporated into me.

Then I saw a big place. At the center of an endless shallow inverted cone there was a flame. The base of the flame was about 100 yards across. Its height was about 3 times its width. In many many circles going outward from the base sat angels. The circles were broken up by evenly spaced aisles - like a stadium. The blazing fire was white at the center and orange/yellow in outline. I approached the fire and noticed there was no heat. I put my hand in the fire. I could see my hand through the flame. It looked translucent/crystalline. I withdrew my hand from the flame.

In the fire I could see the shape of a man. On His chest was written: 'I AM ' in large roman-like letters. Immediately He put out His arm and put His hand into my head!

He removed His hand and said to me, "I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob". And I said, "I love you Lord".

Then He said to me, "Do not be afraid John, I will take care of you".

He thrust His arms straight up and the flame blazed up to the highest heaven and mushroomed out. Then in a voice that shook everything He said, "I AM!"

The flame changed shape to Jesus with His arms apart - all flame, and He said, "Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other!"

I wanted to stay, but the vision faded, and I felt myself returning. I awoke a little stiff, not having moved since the start of the vision/dream. My mouth and throat felt better


The Face of Jesus

Early 1995,

I am standing in line in a driveway leading to a garage. In the garage is a picture.

If anyone can recognize the person in the picture, he will appear.

I stand in line with others and wait my turn. No one can identify who is in the picture.

Then at last it is my turn. The picture is black lines on a white background. It is a picture of Jesus!

Immediately He is there with Mary next to Him. He is tall. He has dark brown hair with a few gray hairs in it. The hair is slightly past shoulder length. He has a beard. The robes He wears are dark in color. Mary is dressed similarly, except she has a white loose hood over her long dark brown hair. Mary and Jesus look like ordinary people.

Jesus holds an ornately carved bowl in His hands. He walks to the end of the driveway and holds up the bowl. Big glops of green goo fall from the sky and slam into the bowl. He starts walking down the street. More goo falls into the bowl.

Mary is walking next to Jesus and watching all this. I follow. They let me know, the stuff in the bowl is the concentrated sin, pollution, and inequities of the world. The bowl is the cup of the wrath of God.

We walk up to the top of a very high mountain. At the top, at a place you can see the world, He tips the bowl. Out of the bowl comes fire. It stays at the height Jesus is at and spreads out over the whole earth. The earth receives the wrath of God.


Hello Mary

Some time in the middle of January 1997, in a dream, I saw and spoke to the Virgin Mary.

I was in a wood paneled room with windows all around. Under the windows were flower boxes. The flower boxes were over flowing with red roses. Every few feet between the boxes, a nun would sit. The nuns were dressed in the old way - all black with the white around the face.

The building seemed old, but comfortable. There was nothing extra-ordinary about the room, except for the roses and nuns. It was not that large.

At first, as I looked around, there was nothing in the center of the room. I wondered what this was all about. The dream was more clear than most dreams I remember.

And then suddenly, there she was. I knew who she was immediately. My heart told me. My insides were filled with gentle love.

She was outlined in a super bright golden line. She was dressed in a nuns outfit, but hers was entirely white. Around her waist hung a large jeweled cross. I do not usually pay any attention to jewelry. But there was something different about this cross. It appeared to me as one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Her face was pale with lips as red as roses. Very beautiful. I felt no fear. Just love.

She said, "hello John." And I said, "hello Mary."

I became so excited at this, I woke up. But her impression on my heart remained.

I feel that I had a genuine encounter with Mary, the mother of Jesus.


The Mountain of God

My dream begins in a different place, a strange world.

As far as the eye could see, stretched out before me was a vast sea. The sea was of what looked like white quartz sand. The sky above was just a shade lighter than the sand. No sun was visible. In the midst of this sea was a road or path. It was about 10'wide and crumbling at the edges into the sand. The path was polished perfectly smooth, without a crack or seam. Made of solid blue sapphire, blue with white clouds - like solid sky. The road gently meandered into the far distance; leading to a mountain made of the same stuff as the road.

I was walking down the road towards a distant mountain.

My hair was slightly longer and graying at the temples; skin well tanned; slim and fit; clothes were white linen - a shirt and shorts - tattered and torn - as if I had been through some kind of explosion, though my body showed no sign of injury.

I walked for a time towards the mountain. Eventually, I saw walking in my direction, two hooded dark monk-like figures. As they drew near to me, they threw back their hoods. It was two guys I knew in high school.

Their appearance was that of dead men. Gray-white hair, pail white faces, and dead eyes. They struck a typical pose, which I always remember them in: the left one with arms straight at his sides, the right one holding a cigarette between his fingers just out of his mouth. They said, "Hi John. How's it going?" and I said,"O.K., Where are you guys going?" The one on the left said, pointing away from the mountain, "Down this way", and I said, "I'm going this way," pointing towards the mountain. They said, "See you later", like they meant, "See you never", and then, "take it easy."

They put up their hoods and continued in the opposite direction I was going. I walked on and the dream ended with me reaching the mountain, and entering into a place of gold and jewels.

I talked with some other Christians about my dream. They said: the gray at my temples showed I had gained some wisdom; my fitness and tan showed I was in good health; the tattered white garments showed I had been purified by the blood of Jesus.

The path represented life. Its' substance reminded me of this passage:

[Exod 24:9.6] Then Moses and Aaron, Nadab, and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel went up,

[Exod 24:10] and they saw the God of Israel; and there was under his feet as it were a pavement of sapphire stone, like the very heaven for clearness.

To say the least, when I first began to study scripture, and I came across this passage, it shocked me. It described exactly what the path looked like in my dream. I had my dream before I had read the Bible all the way through!

The guys I describe in the dream were worldly. From their appearance and the direction they were heading - away from God - their destiny may be destruction. I pray that part of my dream is wrong and they eventually come to know the Lord. It is God's will how I will die (by explosion or whatever). The conversation was very typical - shallow and empty.

The mountain I reached was Heaven. The mountain of God. The inside of the mountain fits the description in the book of Revelation of the new Jerusalem.


Do not be afraid John, I will take care of you.

I am walking down a store lined street in a foreign country. Window shopping. I turn a corner and walk to the end of a dead-end street. As I get to the end of the street, I turn around to find I am surrounded by many totally dark men - so dark I could not see their faces or their clothes - even though it is the middle of the day.

They say,"We are evil and we will destroy you!"

I wonder to myself, "How will I escape?" So I point out over their heads and yell, "Look over there!" They all turned to look. The moment their eyes leave me, I dash through them, running as fast as I could go. Out the entrance to the dead- end street, around a corner, and around a corner again. As I turned the last corner, I changed to little John - as I was when I was 6 years old.

Running past a fire hydrant, I run into the leg of a man. Wrapping my arms around his leg - I was terrified. A peace came over me and a hand laid gently on my head, and I heard, "Do not be afraid John, I will take care of you." I looked down and saw sandled feet and up to see and know that I am looking at Jesus, my Savior.

The streets and the world fade away around us. Still holding tightly to His robed leg, we stand in a circle of fuzzy black nothing. The fuzzy nothingness changes to sky and clouds, and we are moving swiftly through them.

We stop over a large city which looks like New York, but maybe not New York. The Lord points at it and says, "This is a cesspool of iniquity and we will destroy it!" Just then, something like a large meteor fell from the sky and destroyed the city.

After that we traveled for a time through the clouds. This time when we stopped, it is over a large wide valley, with a patch-work of farms and fields as far as the eye could see. You could see the steeple of a small white church in the center of the valley. The Lord pointed at the valley and said, "Someday, this will be yours."

When I looked up and saw Jesus, there was no doubt in my mind. It was His presence that gave me comfort and drove away the fear. When I ran to Him, I was too terrified to yell, "Save me!", but it was at the top of my mind. He saved me.

I came to Him as a child. I can't imagine coming to Him in any other way. It gives me comfort to hear those words again, as He put His hand on my head - "Do not be afraid John, I will take care of you."

There is much in this world to be afraid of. Go and cling to Him, as I do, He will drive away your fears, and take care of you - forever. The love of God in Christ Jesus is greater than all your problems and fears.

Thank you Lord, I love you!

By believing in the Lord - to acknowledge God as our Father - He treats us as His children. Forgiving and forgetting our sins; providing every need. Being righteous children of God, we should honor our Father by showing others the same kind of love - by obeying God and His commandments.

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!