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What it's all about:

When you go to Church many things are riddles and questions. Hours and days and months of intense study are devoted to understanding scriptures. This is true for all of the world's religions. Somehow by filling your brain with the contents of books written hundreds and thousands of years ago this is supposed to help you. Sometimes it does. And of course the Scriptures are Holy and good. Many people sit in Sunday schools for years and years and still can't figure out what it all means.

What i want to do with this Church is clarify what it really is all about.

And I'll tell you what it is all about RIGHT NOW!


GOOD is to be helpful and harmless to yourself and the people around you.

Religions definition of Good:

Now the different world religions define this in slightly different ways.

In Bhuddism it is called the "noble eightfold path" : 1. Right understanding, 2. Right intention, 3. Right speech, 4. Right action, 5. Right livelihood, 6. Right effort, 7. Right mindfulness, 8. Right meditation.

In Zoroastrianism it is called the "three-fold path" : Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

In ancient Egypt the Laws for being good were called: Ma'at.

In ancient Babylon there was the: Code of Hammurabi.

The Holy Bible core for goodness is the Ten Commandments: 1. The Lord is God, 2. Do not worship idols, 3. Do not take the name of the Lord in vain, 4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, 5. Honor your father and mother, 6. You shall not kill/murder, 7. You shall not commit adultery, 8. You shall not steal, 9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, 10. You shall not covet your neighbor's wife or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

Really there are over 600 commandments in the Old Testament and over 1000 in the New.

In essence this is summed up by Jesus Christ: Love God and Love thy neighbor. The LOVE Jesus means is: give your life for the salvation of others. Not the cheap version the media tries to sell you. The Love Jesus is talking about is a mother covering her baby to save it from bullets, or bombs, or fire, or tornado. The mother displays God's love by giving her life so the baby can live.

We love the Good God by practicing GOOD. That really is it. I don't understand why many churches do not just come out and say this. It would save a lot of time in Sunday school.

The Creation of the Universe:

Whether you BELIEVE in creationism or evolution - the Good God made it all. The process by which everything came to be, even by studying Scripture, in DETAIL, no one really knows. There is a lot going on between the lines that even the best theologian could only guess at. Only the Good God and the angels who assisted God know how the entire Universe came to be. If you pay attention to science, the origin of the Universe changes every few years, so you can't ever fully accept their version of Creation. Evolutionists typically draw pictures of imaginary linking creatures to validate their theory. But they have NEVER really found the linking creature.


Scriptures tell of incredible miracles: healing the sick, raising people from the dead, parting large bodies of water, turning deserts into lakes, etc.. You may find it hard to buy all of this and some of you think it is nonsense and fairy tales. In order to grasp this, you have to put it all in context. Please look at the picture below.

This picture was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. They pointed the telescope at a spot between stars for a number of hours and captured this image of the Universe beyond our Milky Way Galaxy.

Each ellipse shape you see is a galaxy holding between 200-400 billion stars. There are thousands of galaxies in this picture. Now wrap your head around that. What immense measureless power would it take to create all this? Way beyond human comprehension. You see the power to build a galaxy is more than enough to raise someone from the dead, or heal them, or whatever. With The Good God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Sin, Evil, Bad:

As you go through life, you find out that if you do something BAD it follows you around until it is resolved. It sticks to you like bad glue. Resolution may only come by asking forgiveness of your husband or wife or children. Remember, GOOD is being harmless. Hurting others takes away some or all of their life. Seeking forgiveness restores the balance.

One of the most convincing proofs that The Good God exists is the laws of physics which govern the operation of everything in the Universe. Within physics is the discipline of Thermodynamics. And within Thermodynamics there is the conservation of energy.

The Conservation of Energy:

The total amount of energy in a system remains constant over time. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another. The only thing that can happen to energy in a system is that it can change form: for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy.

The earth is essentially a closed energy system. This real scientifically demonstrable law over arches everything that happens on earth. Even between people.

The world religions explain this as Ying and Yang, Karma, Kismet, Destiny, Fate.

When you buy a car, as soon as you drive it off the lot it starts loosing its value, some faster than others. People get old. Dogs get old. Bugs get old. Life to death. A constant cycle. Cockroaches and kings grow old and die. Stars and galaxies are born and die.

Sinful behavior accelerates decay and death. It is taking away energy. Good behavior promotes, heals, saves life. It preserves and adds energy. The more drastic the sin, the greater the energy loss to the system. That is why the earth may react to evil through earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disasters, etc.. Insurance companies call natural disasters "acts of God" . Good is pro-life emotional energy, sin and evil are pro-death emotional energy. Scripture records the LAND of Israel convulsing because of the sins of its people.

Emotional energy is REAL energy because it has genuine influence over the actions of people. Good emotional energy inspires people to do good and happy things. Evil emotional energy inspires people to hurt each other and the world around them. Wars are the result of built up evil emotional energy. Forgiveness cancels out bad emotions. So how you feel really does matter.

Every action, every thought, takes energy. Most of the things that happen in your life are the result of the closed earth energy system trying to balance the energy.

BLESSING focuses Good emotional energy on a specific person(s) or place(s). CURSES focus Evil emotional energy on specific person(s) or place(s). Cursing someone is a very evil thing - please don't do it! God bless everyone!

Eating Disorders, Mental Illness, Insanity, Madness:

Built up unresolved Evil emotional energy - unforgiven sin causes mental illness (eating disorders, mental illness, insanity, madness). Evil emotional energy can build up within a person to the point of explosion. When the uresolved sin explodes bad things happen. People die. Families kill each other. Men, women, children are damaged, sometimes to death by unresolved evil.

Unresolved evil can build within a person driving them to madness. A person at this condition is a human atomic bomb waiting to go off. We have seen the results of having a mad man in charge of a country. Adolf Hitler manifested his madness by trying to take over the world, killing millions. A mad man is satan on earth.

People who accept evil manifest and accept a culture of death. This is why Jesus is so important: a country full of built up unforgiven sin/unresolved evil will self-destruct - burn up in its own madness. If a country turns their back on the forgiveness of God in Jesus, it is only a matter of time before destruction will come.

What is after death?

Our minds can be seen working in complex waves that can be displayed on a screen. That complex wave represents the energy that we are.

Electrical physics has a formula that is stated: interconnected devices must have matched impedances for maximum power transfer.

The Conservation of Energy states: Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed: it can only be transformed from one state to another.

"Impedance"  is a word for resistance to energy or the flow of energy. SIN is resistance to the flow of GOOD energy.

Put it all together: when our bodies die, the energy we are flows to a point wherever the SIN matches. If a person has filled their life with debauchery and depravity, their energy will flow to a place of equal unhappiness. If a person has lived a decent life and come clean of their evil deeds, their energy will flow to a place of equal peace.

Believe it or not, that is science.

You get clean by confessing your sins to God. "Jesus"  means: I am salvation. The name of the Lord given to Moses means: Being. I am = Being. Saying: "God forgive me"  = Jesus. Believing in the Name of Jesus is accepting that God can and will forgive my sins when I ask Him. Simple as that.

The Karma wheel of life and death has a person continuously coming back after death to try and perfect oneself. But works follow an asymptote curve.

An asymptote curve is a line such that the distance between the curve and the line approaches zero as they tend to infinity.

So it would take an INFINITE amount of effort to become perfect by works (zero -0- meaning no sin). In other words: you would have to be God to reach God. Jesus on the cross bridged the gap between our imperfections and the perfection of God.


God is limitless therefor your prayers should be limitless. Set aside 10 minutes of your day to pray. Prayer is not casting magic spells. God is the PERSON who created and governs the Universe and everything in it. In prayers you ask God in great respect to do something. In prayer pray for yourself, family, friends, enemies, politicians  - in other words  - everybody. With God ALL things are possible, so save yourself, save your family, save the world, save the galaxy! Intercede without limit.

A church sign said: "your problems are so big because your God is so small" . You are greater than the chocolate cake you made. God is greater than the Universe He made.

God is GOOD. The Good God will answer prayers that are good in content. He will not answer prayers for things that can hurt or kill you or others. He will not give you the 500 hp Corvette because God knows better than you if you get it you will drive too fast, sneeze and wrap it around a tree.

Doomsday, the End of the World:

Every few months someone or some group make the news claiming they know when doomsday will come. Lots of people listen and get scared and do crazy things with their families, homes, finances, etc..

Now setting the date of the end has been going on for hundreds of years. "Jehovah's Witnesses" are infamous for setting the end date many times. The year 2000 was big. Many people, including my wife, started doing wacky things in preparation. We are still here.

Take another look at the Universe picture above. In that vast expanse, is Earth really all that important? To us, yes. But to someone in one of those distant galaxies, probably not. It is doubtful they could even see of detect us. People have an arrogance of our importance. Another thing is, our calender is of human invention. The Universe doesn't keep track of our dates. Setting dates for the end of the Earth is an Earth-centrist point of view. The Earth is a little planet floating around in a vast cosmos beyond measure. It will probably still be here when we are millions of years gone.

If Earth was The Most Important Planet in the Universe, wouldn't God have placed it in a more central geographic place in the Universe? Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. Earth is the third planet about equal in size to Venus. Our solar system is a little over 2 thirds the way down one of 4 spiral arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy sits amidst a cluster of other galaxies within a Universe of approximately 200 billion galaxies. A lot smaller than a needle in a haystack. These are scientifc facts you can look up anywhere. Because we worship the God of Truth, we have to take it all in context with the facts. We are a teeny tiny spec in the vast wilderness of the Universe.

Statistically we are 97.8 times more likely to die of heart disease than war. 2.09% 0f deaths in 2002 happened by car accidents. Diseases are the BIG killer year after year. So, be concerned about your health first.

ANY day can be our last day. A zillion things out there can kill us. You just can't assume you will live through tomorrow. We all must be prayerfully prepared at any moment to come face to face with the Lord. The reality is we are just water balloons held together with sticks. The human body is 72% water. We are fragile. Just fall on a concrete walk the wrong way and we break. Concrete always wins. Trees always win.

So don't get scared by the doomsayers. Make your peace with God every morning and every night. Then if it is your time and your ticket comes up, you can meet the Lord in grace.


Find one that feeds you spiritually. Churches are hospitals for sinners. Be aware, churches are run by people with sins and faults just like the rest of us. It is unlikely the priest or minister is sinless. People fall from leading churches all the time. It is a hard job.

I prefer the Catholic Church because it promotes GOOD and intimacy with the Lord. Many churches stress a relationship with the Lord. But the question is: how close a relationship are they talking about? Passing a person on the street and meeting their eyes is a small relationship. Being married is the closest relationship one can have. Yes, analyzing John 3:16 you find out "believe in Him"  essentially means to be married to Him. A lifetime commitment. Not just "friends" . The Church is the bride of Christ.

This intimate relationship is made real in the Lord's Supper where we take the Body and Blood of Christ into us. The Eucharist is not just "celebrating"  the Last Supper  - it is the beginning of the Church.


Being immersed in the Lord.

The Holy Spirit of The Good God authenticates Baptism. He puts His seal of approval on it. Many divisions have resulted in the Church because people get lost in the Formula. But the problem with that is: if the preacher baptizing you makes a mistake, does that invalidate your baptism? So when you die, you walk up to the gates of Heaven and St. Peter says: "sorry, the preacher mispronounced IN THE NAME OF during your baptism. You can't come in."

The Good God is powerful enough to immerse you in a tiny drop of water. He is great enough to understand the mumbling bumbling preacher who almost drowned you in the baptismal pool. God is immense enough to fully authenticate and validate infant baptism.

All the promises of God are YES in Christ.


I have been unemployed for over 6 months now. I have been praying for success in the world. Then I realized I had never asked how I could be successful with God. So I prayed to God Most High how I could be successful with God? I waited quietly for the answer. Then it came into my mind: Bless the Lord.

If you want to be successful with God, BLESS THE LORD.

God Bless the Lord! God Bless Heaven!

The Word of God is a mirror to the soul. God is TRUTH. The Godliness you practice reveals and convicts those who practice wickedness. That is why they hate you. That is why they always put you in a place no one can see you or hear you.

They want you to be afraid. They want you to join in their depravity and debauchery. Because you resist, and they see you resist - it frustrates them. And so you suffer.

I love the Lord.

OK. The Lord inspired me to write this web page. I hope it helps you in your life. Your donations are appreciated to continue this ministry. God bless you and your family!

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