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  1. Evolution requires a constant environment where plants and creatures gradually change over millions of years.

  2. The problem with that is the Earth goes through periodic cataclysmic events which almost totally wipe out the previous ecosystem. I have heard some scientists saying the Earth may have been through something like 9 world wide extinctions.

  3. I believe the Bible represents these as the seven days of creation. The "day of creation" as one period. The "night" the cataclysm followed by a period where the Earth rests and recovers.

  4. The geologic record proves this out. For long periods, plants and animals flourish of definite kinds. In one period you have trilobites, another dinosaurs, another mastodons, another man. Each period separated by a world wide cataclysm. There is no real time for evolution. If most of the plants and animals from the previous period have been exterminated, there would be no source animals for the next animals to evolve from.

  5. God is Life. The Earth is essentially a closed energy system. Life is the Spirit of God. Life begets life. When the Spirit loses a host (creature or plant) it seeks a new place to manifest. The same Spirit which inhabited and animated Tyrannosaurus Rex animates you and me. The exact same Breath of Life in Adam keeps you and I alive.

  6. Scripture says, God created man out of mud.

    The Catalyst

  7. If a meteor slammed into the earth, it would be accompanied with incinerating heat, crushing pressure, extreme vibration - in other words, like putting the entire earth into a mix master. Leaving the surface a muddy mess. Grinding anything organic down to the molecular level. Our bodies are essentially water balloons - under extreme pressure, our bodies would simply disintegrate.

  8. Scripture talks of our dead bodies as seeds. Seeds that will germinate when the Lord returns - accompanied by fire and pressure and extreme vibration. Seeds that will germinate into NEW bodies that we do not know. NEW bodies.

  9. When Scripture says in the future we will live in a recreated Heaven and Earth - it sounds to me to simply be another life. Another life.

  10. DNA experts are finding out our DNA is a mish mash of all kinds of plants and animals. A little bit of rabbit, mixed with elephant, some daisy, viruses, etc... They are finding out our DNA is far more complex than they previously assumed.

  11. What I see is: after a cataclysmic event when the plants and animals are all mixed together in an organic muddy soup, whatever DNA molecules floating around touching each other combine. Much like the male and female X and Y molecules line up together and combine in the instant a new person is conceived within a mother's womb. The warm muddy earth as a womb of life. The Earth giving berth to a whole new set of flora and fauna. Rising out of the mud.

  12. The Spirit of Life strongly desires bodies to inhabit. This energy of desire causes organic life to grow anywhere and everywhere it can. It is happiest when the Earth is packed and permeated with growing things.

  13. Suddenly elephants, tigers, eagles, man. Where just the "day" before was mastodons, saber tooth tigers, and Neanderthals.

  14. From all the evidence, through all my years on this earth, this is what I see.

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty YAH, forever and ever, Amen!

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