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This is what happens

when people throw away the Love of God:

From April 17, 1975, to January 7, 1979, the Khmer Rouge systematically tortured and exterminated millions of Cambodians. Like their genocidal predecessors in World War II, the Khmer Rouge kept fastidious records. Unlike the Nazis, however, the documentation has not been used to prosecute the mass murderers -- until now. The Cambodian Genocide Program, started in January 1995 by the U.S. Congress and run from Yale University, is creating a series of online databases based on the extensive evidence the Khmer Rouge left behind. The program's directors hope that putting such information on the Internet will encourage people everywhere who may have witnessed the atrocities to come forward, leading to international charges of genocide and crimes against humanity.

the truth about sex

Guess what? If you don't have your HEALTH, you have NOTHING!

SEX is playing with pure skin scorching fire. If you play with SEX, you will get BURNED! You may even loose your LIFE!

Guess what? Condoms only work 70% of the time. 3 out of 10 times you will be in contact with disease carrying fluids. Along with that, I really don't see how you could be intimate with someone and not exchange some kind of bodily fluids.

You could catch a life killing disease in just 5 minutes of pleasure. That is way too high a price.

Sex is never for FREE. One way or another - you will pay for it.

The cost of intimacy is: a life for a life. In marriage you give your life to your mate - for life. In a good marriage, sex is a blessing freely shared with your mate.

Outside of marriage - the price is still: a life for a life. You pay for it with your health. Or cold hard cash (but that way you would probably catch a disease too).

The act of procreation is HOLY. God knows. He set the price.

Be smart. SAVE yourself! SAVE your HEALTH! SAVE your LIFE! STOP!

The facts are, the only safe sex is NO SEX. Or finding someone to love and marry and sticking with that person for your entire life. It is not impossible. I have done it. You can too. Ignore the world's idea of MR. or MRS. right. Hardly anybody looks or acts like that. The world's idea of the perfect mate is pure FANTASY. If you are looking for a person like that, you will probably never find them.

The right person for you is just a person. With all of their faults and mistakes and pimples. That is reality. If you want safe sex, that is what you will have to tolerate. Sorry.

May God richly bless you in your life!

George Bush or Osama Bin Laden: Who Is Good And Who Is Evil In All Of This? Introducing Chaos; The God Of The Terrorists

Praise Lord God!