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"The Da Vinci Code" Is Absurd

This book is a direct attack at the very foundations of the Church.
It is an attack against the Deity of Jesus Christ; it attacks the Lordship of Christ.
This book attacks scripture and it’s authenticity.
This book attacks the genuine historical record.
This book is endorsed as FACT by those who hate the Church and Christ!!
Ron Howard (Opie) is making a big budget movie out of it! This means lots of commercials, WORLD WIDE DISTRIBUTION, and millions of dollars.
I feel it is the “great lie that will deceive even the elect and cause a great falling away”.
People of power and big money are making a HARD effort to destroy Christianity!

A List of Absurdities

  1. According to "The Da Vinci Code" the main focus of the Knights Templar, Masonic Organizations, the Illuminati, and the Priory De Sion is sex, money, and a secret that everybody knows, has been published in numerous books and movies and has been successfully refuted for almost a thousand years. How utterly absurd! Ridiculous.

  2. When you boil it down like that, any person with common sense knows there is much more to life than sex and money. If this is all these organizations are really about, then they are pretty shallow and worthless and just plain dumb. A secret that everybody knows is no secret at all. If the secret is known by everybody, then why on earth would bad people within the Church be running around killing people to stop it? How utterly absurd! Ridiculous.

  3. The Church has made many powerful enemies throughout the centuries. It would not be hard to manufacture documents that would condemn the Church, prove the Bible is junk, deny the Deity of Christ, and get some old bones and paste a label on it saying: "This is Mary Magdalene, wife of Christ, and mother of His children". It would also be easy to stage a discovery and have so-called "experts" analyze the findings and declare them real (REAL FAKES). How utterly absurd! Ridiculous.

    This paragraph is prophetic:
    I wrote this web page approximately 1 year before the release of the movie "The Da Vinci Code" was released on May 19, 2006. On February 26, 2007 Hollywood film director James Cameron announced he had found the "tomb of Jesus". They did EXACTLY what I said in the above paragraph – word for word!!

  4. The author makes a big deal out of Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper. This painting was completed in 1498. Almost 1500 years AFTER Christ. The author talks about the painting as if it is a photograph of the actual Last Supper. The painting is what Leonardo THOUGHT the Last Supper MAY have looked like. Not FACT. A product of Leonardo’s imagination. Which makes all the author says about the painting a figment of his imagination. How utterly absurd! Ridiculous.

  5. Another thing that bugs me about this book, and I have heard it before, the author claims pretty much all of the wars for the last 2000 years are the fault of the Church. If you look at history, mankind has been in a state of constant war since the beginning of recorded history. People fight over everything. Blaming war on the Church is ludicrous and narrow sighted. It is looking at history through a very prejudice pair of glasses. How utterly absurd! Ridiculous.

  6. The author says the Knights Templar found the Holy Grail under the remains of Solomon’s/Herod’s Temple. Think about this. Why on earth would the Jewish priesthood bury documents about Jesus and Mary Magdalene under their most Holy place of worship? The Jewish priesthood DESPISED Jesus. There is no way they would store anything relating to Jesus under their precious temple. It is said the Knights Templar became very wealthy as the result of their excavations under the temple. WEALTH = GOLD. The Knights probably found the temple treasury. The Knights became wealthy because they found wealth. That makes much more sense. When you sit and think through the stuff claimed in "The Da Vinci Code", you will realize how much of it is nonsense.

  7. God has to do with providence: providing for the necessities of life. You do not need SEX to live. Granted, 1 act of sex procreated you and me. But that is the only one necessary for life. Many people have lived their lives quite happily without having any sex at all. Promoting SEX as "THE GOD" or GODDESS (the author is pro-goddess and anti-god) makes no sense when you realize sex is only necessary for procreation. It has nothing to do with the basic necessities of life; therefore it definitely should not dominate a person’s belief systems. The author’s heavy emphasis on the "sacred female" makes every effort to advertise sex should dominate your life.

  8. Another point being: the author deifies Mary Magdalene. The only way Mary M. could have come close to this would have been by her association with Jesus Christ. This is contradictory. The author goes out of his way to take away Jesus’ Deity. The author also makes an effort to point out the Bible is manufactured junk. The author calls Jesus a prophet only. The words of Jesus are in the Bible, but if it is junk, then Jesus could not be a prophet. If Jesus is just a man, then Mary M. is just a woman - not worthy of worship.

  9. The author of "The Da Vinci Code" did not source his data from good historical sources. He sourced his data from other books filled with theories and suppositions based on hearsay and fairy tales. It would be like writing a book on European history sourced from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". Perhaps you could say: "the book is well researched", but the sources of that research have to be GENUINE FACTUAL HISTORY. If you want an in depth analysis of the many errors espoused in "The Da Vinci Code" get: "The Da Vinci Code HOAX" by Carl E. Olsen and Sandra Miesel.

    "The Da Vinci Code" Lacks Depth - it is shallow in Spirit and Historical Fact

  10. As I read further in "The Da Vinci Code" the author just confirms what scripture says about the depraved mind: [Romans 1:28] Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done.

  11. It becomes apparent the "The Da Vinci Code" is the product of a depraved mind. A mind that has been turned away from God by promiscuous sex.

  12. The author says the Bible was manufactured - not inspired. Obviously this person has lost his spiritual eyes. By saying scripture is manufactured and not inspired, attributes the highest level of genius to Emperor Constantine - the one the author reports manufactured our present day Bible.

  13. The reason why Emperor Constantine would have had to be a genius of the highest order, is that scripture is deep. Verse after verse contains the deepest spiritual insight. Monks have spent their entire lives just trying to comprehend the book of Romans. The Bible has layer upon layer of meaning: relevant to past, present, and future. It cuts you to the heart: convicts you, condemns you, purifies you.

  14. When I look at it on the shelf, the Holy Spirit waves at me. When I hold it in my hands, the Holy Spirit cuddles next to me. When I open it and read its holy words, the Holy Spirit perches on my shoulder. When I contemplate its passages, the sweet loving kindness of God illuminates my heart.

  15. No other book does these things. The Lord dwells among the words of scripture. I sense His presence. It is real. He is true.

  16. I wish the author of "The Da Vinci Code" and those who accept its theories would gain spiritual eyes. They are missing so much. They are missing the truth.

  17. Every Catholic portrayed in "The Da Vinci Code" is twisted in some way. The author's idea of what a Catholic is seems to be perverted. The Catholic Church has over a billion people in it. Of course there are some bad apples, but many millions are good and clean and true and devout. The author's view of Catholics is dark and lopsided.

    Hate For The Church Cancels Out True Faith In Jesus Christ – Faith Without Love Is Nothing (1 Cor 13:2)

  18. People. Most human institutions are composed of people: a group of two or more people who gather together under a common belief, religion, sport, club, temple, or church.

  19. It is THE essential part of Catholic religion to recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. All who believe in Jesus as Lord are brothers in Him. The CHURCH is the PEOPLE - not just a building. So if you say: "I hate the Catholic Church" or "I hate the Pope", you are hating PEOPLE. Can you see this violates the commandment of Jesus Christ: "love one another as I have loved you"?

  20. Without people, there would be no game. Without people there would be no club. Without people there would be no religion, temple, or CHURCH.

  21. I've heard people say: "I hate the Boy Scouts". Guess what? Without little boys there would be NO Boy Scouts.

  22. LOVE is the commandment of the Lord. FAITH without LOVE is nothing (1 Cor 13:2). That is why "faith alone" is a false doctrine - it ignores LOVE. Our Lord Jesus Christ said: "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." (John 13:34).

  23. [1 John 4:20] If anyone says, "I love God," yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.

  24. Without people, the Catholic Church would be just empty buildings. The Church is people.

  25. There are people who actively and loudly proclaim they believe in and are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. But they carry in their hearts a deep-seated hatred for the Catholic Church. Hate + Faith = nothing. Hate + Faith = nothing.

  26. If you carry around a deep-seated hatred of the Catholic Church in your heart it invalidates your faith in Jesus Christ. Because the Catholic Church has always been known as the Body of Christ.

  27. LOVE must be complete.


  29. Purge HATE from your being!! Don't hold anything against anyone. Forgive everyone.

Jesus Lord, protect us and your Church from the attacks of those who are trying to destroy your Holy Church. We praise you Holy Lord. We love you. Frustrate the plans of those who are against you! God bless us all! By the Power of Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen Amen!