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the coming of the evil one

[Genesis 3:15] And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel."

Some day in the future...

A very important world leader is conducting a speech in front of a large audience. All of the usual precautions have been made to protect him and the other leaders with him. One of the guards at the door sneezes. As he blinks and wipes his nose, an armed terrorist slips past. The well-dressed terrorist works his way up close and to the side of the stage. The crowd loves the speaker. At several points in the speech the crowd leaps up in jubilation, cheering and waving. The terrorist patiently waits for a big surge from the crowd. Carefully pulling out his automatic pistol, it happens. In a short span of a few seconds he empties the magazine of his pistol. The speaker is hit in the head and the arm; several of his associates are either killed or wounded. The terrorist is immediately subdued and carried away.

The leader is rushed to the nearest hospital, where surgeons and doctors work feverishly to save him.

He is essentially dead. Machines keep his body alive. The world mourns for him. 3 days go by.

...And then his eyes open. He has seen a vision. He now believes he is God.

What is scary is, it does not have to be as dramatic as all that. It could happen in a car accident, or fainting and hitting the head on the corner of a coffee table.
On October 23, 2001 PBS aired the NOVA documentary #2812 "Secrets of the Mind".

Fast forward to the part about TEMPORAL LOBE EPILEPSY.

The discussion involves a patient by the name John Sharon. John Sharon had an accident in the past which caused him to have TEMPORAL LOBE EPILEPSY.

As the result of his accident, certain parts of his brain became disconnected.

TEMPORAL LOBE EPILEPTIC seizures are essentially an electrical storm in the temporal lobes when a group of neurons starts firing at random, out of sync with rest of the brain.

Here is what John Sharon says as the result of his TEMPORAL LOBE EPILEPTIC seizures:

JOHN SHARON: My attitude was I was God and then I had heaven and hell in my eyes. I was the grand guy who created heaven and hell.

NARRATOR: When John's seizures came to an end he was exhausted but he felt OMNIPOTENT.

JOHN SHARON: I went running down the streets screaming that I was God. And then this guy came out and I just, like, pelvic thrust at him and his wife, and I was like, "You want to f--ing bet, I ain't God?"

At the end of the Summa Theologica, it explains the end of St. Thomas Aquinas life:
On the morning of 6 December, the feast of St. Nicholas, 1273, St. Thomas Aquinas suddenly fell into a trance. Riding a mule, on his way to the second Council of Lyons, ordered there by Gregory X, hit his head on a tree branch and was injured. After his accident, he is quoted as saying: "Now I understand! Now I understand!" He fell sick and died at the Cistercian monastery of Fossa Nuova in 1274.

St. Thomas Aquinas' head injury must have damaged his TEMPOARAL LOBE brain connections, enabling him to understand something very important about God. After reading the Summa Theologica, and reading the explanation of his death, my curiosity is greatly energized to know exactly what St. Thomas Aquinas finally understood.

I believe when God created us, He engineered our bodies with a built in ability to communicate with Him. It would appear that the TEMPORAL LOBES of the brain are the transmitter/receivers God designed into our bodies for communication with Him.

To tune yourself into the frequency of God, be still, be humble, come clean of your evil deeds, and praise Him quietly from the depths of your heart. In this still quiet place, talk to Him.

Now think about it. According to the NOVA documentary, the temporal lobes of the brain are wired to deal with religious/theological/philosophical information.

If a brain injury occurs to a man of power, a man of influence, a man with megalomaniac tendencies - the Beast of Revelation will be born.

Seeing and knowing the very concrete brain connections involved in this, it becomes obvious there is a great likelihood of this happening.

Lord have mercy on us all!

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!