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Simple and Profound Worship

  1. Tip your head back slightly, angled toward the sky.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Spread your hands slightly wider than shoulder width - palms up.
  4. Entirely relax - muscles, mind; let go of all stress and tension.
  5. Let go of your evil work(s); if you are reminded of any evils work(s) you have done, confess and repent of them in Jesus name.
  6. If anything is worrying you, let go of it and give it to God - cast your cares upon the Lord.
  7. Now free, you should feel peace, joy.
  8. Now let your mind quietly praise God.

From this you will know:

  • God loves you.
  • You are forgiven.
  • You will find the comfort and peace you have been looking for.


The Dawn of Civilization…The End of Civilization

  1. According to history, man lived savagely prior to the advent of civilization.
  2. The heart of civilization has to be the realization of the dignity of human life. That human life is precious. Another way of putting this is: the sanctity of human life. From the research I have done, I came to the realization that human civilization began – is founded on God's name "JU" (Yah, Ea, Eu). In Sanskrit "JU" means to join. This implies peace, love, balance, justice, well-being.
  3. This should help you to see that MAN is the LAW. The purpose and heart of justice is the well being of mankind. Anything which hurts a man, violates him, is against the law – a crime, an evil deed.
  4. Jesus tells us that the LAW is summed up in: love the Lord and love thy neighbor. The gospel is the Word of God which spreads civilization.
  5. How will mankind survive if he gives up on God? You may answer: "Mankind has his written laws". But without God, people loose respect for human life. And without respect, written laws are useless. The world becomes a world of dogs. Every man for himself. A world like "Mad Max". People have to work together in love and respect to advance civilization. Lawlessness is a break down in civilization.

    You may say technological progress is advanced civilization. It is not. A white washed tomb is still a tomb. If a society progresses technologically without love, it tends further and further towards self-destruction. It would exterminate itself before it ever reached the stars. Human life must be considered precious in order for a society to survive. Technology must be used to promote good. Technology that is not used to promote good tends to alienate society. Technology used to promote evil will only end in self-destruction. The news is full of examples of this.

    If the human race ever really achieves space flight, other space traveling races will consider the human race as a disease if we enter space with an attitude other than peace and good will.

    Verily verily, I say unto you, the future of the human race is at stake.

  6. Blessed is a people who honor God. They will dwell in peace and prosperity.

    Woe is a people who abandon God. They will drink to the dregs the furry of His wrath.

The reality of God can only work…

If God realizes…if He confirms…if He affirms...

God…His image…the Son of man…Jesus


Truth can only reflect the truth…if there is no image…no reflection…there is no reality…

By confirming Jesus, God confirms himself…He affirms His own reality…

The Son of man is His image…to deny His image…is to make God an illusion.

SHEKINAH (Hebrew) = House of Yah, A visible manifestation of the divine presence as described in Jewish theology. The Glory of the Lord.

Judgement Day

*Scripture that convinced me that "once saved always saved" and "faith alone" are bad doctrines*

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!