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The Resurrection of Osiris


  1. In the reign of Seti 1, he decided to have his tomb built in the valley of Abydos Egypt. As they were building the tomb, they discovered a much older tomb right next to the building site. The tomb they found is said to be the tomb of Osiris.

  2. Thousands of years went past, until the present era. Modern archeologists excavated and examined the tomb of Seti 1 and the tomb of Osiris.

  3. The tomb of Osiris differs from the later buildings of Egypt. Its stones are massive. Its corridors laser straight. The stones fitted together so tightly, you cannot put a razor between the stones. It is built very much like ancient buildings in South America. It is a high technology building.

  4. The Masons, Illuminati, Priory De Sion, clandestine government groups, and others believe that on December 22, 2012 Osiris will be resurrected.

  5. Early in this century, I believe agents of these secret groups explored these ruins and found the high technology container holding Osiris in suspended animation. The container holding Osiris is made of indestructible material. There is some kind of read-out indicating when the individual inside the container will be brought back to life.

  6. Osiris is now hidden away on some secret government base.

  7. Along with Osiris, they found models and pictures of planes, tanks, rockets, and spacecraft. These models were used as inspiration for our modern technology. All of the technological advances we see today started less than 150 years ago. A tiny little bit of time.

  8. As technology advances, it becomes less and less obvious. It is blended into structures. Personal computers become one with a tabletop. Personal transportation shrinks until it blends into your shoes. Television, telephone, and all other forms of communication blend into the computer. In other words, the more advanced the technology, the less visible it would be. The way you would access this technology would be by voice or mental command.

  9. The advanced alien race Osiris belongs to looked human except their skin was blue and their skulls were elongated. Skulls of these beings can be found under the plains of Nazka in Peru and are shown in carvings of the Pharaohs in Egypt.

    In the movie "The Wizard of Oz" (Oz - Osiris?) the wizard is shown with an over large skull. The witch, and all the witches soldiers have cone shaped hats. The wizard, witch, and all of her soldiers have blue green skin.

  10. Wizards and witches are shown wearing cone shaped hats. The cones shaped hats were made to hide their elongated alien skulls. These individuals may be decedents of the race of Osiris. Somehow wizards and witches gained knowledge of the words and commands to access the ancient advanced hidden technology. To people without that knowledge, their miraculous abilities seem like magic. The magic they do is simply activating an ancient computer program left over by the people of Osiris.

  11. The high technology of the race of Osiris is probably blended into the very stones of many of the ancient sites. All that is needed to access it is the right commands. The problem is, we do not have the owners manual. Even if we did somehow manage to activate some of this ancient technology, we have no one to tell us how to use it.

  12. When Osiris wakes up, what will he think of being locked up on a government base? He knows the ancient technology. He knows the words of command. He has intimate knowledge of the owners manual.

  13. I think he would be angry. I think the secret organizations who run our world are playing with fire that could destroy us all.

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