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PURE INTIMACY: what we all REALLY want!

Dear Reflection,
...i love you so very, very much!...dear one, you are a so precious...truly, a jewel in God's eye...words cannot beautiful you truly Christ...
                                                                    Yours Forever, True love

  1. Pure Intimacy is what you REALLY need and want.

  2. God is Pure Intimacy.

  3. Ask the Lord to give it to you, and your hunger for porno and bad sex will go away.

  4. Porno preys on your deep deep need for Pure Intimacy. The devil knows you need this, so he gives you just enough to keep you chained.

  5. There was a time when I craved bad sex. It was hurting me. Then the Lord let me know - what you want and need is Pure Intimacy.

  6. If you are full, you will not be hungry. If you are full of Pure Intimacy, you will be satisfied.

  7. Pure Intimacy is:

    • True Satisfaction

    • Spiritual Union

    • Perfect Love

    • Immaculate Conception
    When you give a friend a handshake, when you scratch a dog behind the ear, when you cuddle a kitten, when you hug your mom and dad - the thing in your heart at that moment is LOVE. That is what you are really wanting and trying to get. IT is not sex.

    Now in your mind, remember one of those moments, remember how your heart said "JOY" at the moment you touched. That is where you want to live, and that is the cure for all that is evil in this world and beyond.

    …where two touch as one…is the place of joy and contentment…endeavor to dwell there…

God is not in the grasping, but in the letting go:

...Freedom from on me...Free at last!!...

All Glory and Honor are yours Almighty One, forever and ever, Amen!